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Tear Jerker / The Games We Play (The Gamer/RWBY)

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  • Ren being forced to kill his infected grandfather in order to save Nora.
  • Jacques ultimately losing despite everything Jaune's done and having to be put down.
  • Isabella's pained admissions to Jaune in "Hidden Enemies" about how all of Jaune's sisters hated her for her Cruel to Be Kind methods.
  • Bianca's thoughts and feelings regarding her life thus far:
    • When asked about whether she hates Isabella:
    I did, for a very long time, I despised her. I thought about running away, I thought about killing her, but I couldn’t do either. I could leave the others alone to save myself and I’d never have defeated her in a fight, so I just…kept going. What she did, what I saw her do, to me and all of our sisters…I hated her, but I kept going no matter how much she didn’t want me to. She hated that we wanted to become Hunters, to help people even if it meant sacrificing our lives, and she made that obvious from day one—whatever she says, I know that’s part of why she always hurt us so bad.
    • When noted that she became a hunter:
    Yes, and I did it, in part, with the skills she passed on to me—but not because of her. She messed us all up, Jaune. Do you know how many years it took to recover, what it did to my ability to work with others, to trust authority? No one helped me—I told people, teachers, the police, and nobody ever did a damn thing, because Hunters can do whatever they want when it comes to training their kids and maybe even beyond that. I couldn’t believe in any of the people who were supposed to be there for me, because I knew they weren’t, that if I was less useful then someone who hurt me, they’d cast me aside. And whenever I saw people hurt the others, when I saw them harm Violet and Shani and Sienna while we were at school together because they were jealous or because they were upset at me…I knew then, that if that was how this system worked, so be it, I sure a lot of people would like to take credit for me, but I trained constantly, day in and day out, to be the best and the most useful, so I could protect all of them. And you know what? I did. And I kept going and training until I was the best in my class, my year, my school. And the others did the same, one by one, until everyone figured out how to get with the program. That’s why I’m strong now; for them, for you, for the others like us. And it was hard because I was a mess, but I got better even though it was hard, because I had to. She gave me strength, but neither she nor what she did to me are the reasons why I’m strong.
    • You would think that Bianca not hating Isabella would be a good thing right?
      So yes. I hated her, for years and years, I despised her. If I’d found her dying in the street, I’d have pulled up a chair and watched, for what she did to us. There were so many times I wanted to fight her, to defeat her and save my sisters, but I was never strong enough. For years, the only thing I wanted was to be stronger than her and anyone else that tried to hurt us. And eventually, I was strong. Stronger, maybe, than even her. I’d run and I hid and I tried and I suffered to get there, but eventually I climbed to the top. And looked around and saw that my sisters were safe and then I made sure you were safe, and felt I could keep you that way, at least from some things. I was happy then, content, and I still am—and I just had to laugh at everything and everyone that ever held me back. I don’t hate her any more, Jaune. Because I don’t think about her, at all. She’s not worth my attention, much less my anger.
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    • Regarding Jacques' inaction:
      Dad loved us, he was even there for us, at times. He was the nice parent while mom was the horrible one. And I can say I loved him for that, at least. He wasn’t perfect, wasn’t always what I needed him to be, but he was what I had in those days and that has to count for something, doesn’t it? But he had is flaws, even if I love him despite them—because he never stopped her. Not really. They argued about it a lot; I don’t know if you remember some of the fights they had. Probably not, because you were so young and whenever they knew we were watching, they made sure to seem united. They were, really; they loved each other, truly and deeply, even when they disagreed. But there were times I thought they might break up, that dad would take us all away and we’d live happy ever after. Stupid, I know; we’d have probably ended up with Mom if that happened, anyway. But some days, I dreamt of it, wondered what it’d be like to have had a home that wasn’t a place of pain and fear and quiet hatred. Dad wasn’t perfect. He tried to be, sometimes, but he wasn’t—and sometimes, he wasn’t even great. He was gone a lot and however much he may have disagreed with Mom’s methods or tried to hold her back, he never really stopped things. I love him, for being there at all, but I remember that, too. Some days, I even hated him for not saving me.
  • In "Sleepless", Jaune looks at his reflection as a normal person would for the first time in... a very long time. He discovers that due to all the Acceleration he's done, his physical maturation has been sped up, such that he now resembles Jacques more closely than before.
    “Thanks for the good looks, Dad,” I said. “I’ll be sure to put them to good use. And… this, too, I guess.”
    • Then turns into a complete moment of Awesome as he starts using the skill his father left "Psychokinesis" to tear the building and everything apart, Grimm included.
  • Raven in "Homecoming" being so close to and yet so far from her brother and ex-husband.
  • What made Raven decide to treat Adam as a son, instead of merely a student? Reuniting with her mother and realising that she'd never treated the older woman as one.
  • After Raven ran out on her friends and family to pursue her duty, they still kept acting as though she was watching or would come back to visit soon. It wasn't until Summer's Surprisingly Sudden Death that they gave up.
  • The Tenth Interlude, all of it. Showing how it was Keter's attempt to help Malkuth with the latter's suffering that started everything going wrong. The brothers' relationship breaking down as they tried and failed to relieve Malkuth's pain, eventually turning into open warfare. And the futility of how it ended.