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Heartwarming / The Games We Play (The Gamer/RWBY)

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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • When Blake approaches Jaune with her absolutely insane plan to steal the White Whale, telling him that it can only succeed if he helps them, Jaune agrees, even though it's almost guaranteed to fail. Partly for selfish reasons, but mainly because it was the right thing to do. Even after everything that happens to him on the mission and after seeing the consequences of his actions he never regrets it, because he helped save one thousand people from slavery.
    • When Jaune saves the Faunus refugees from the mining town he spends two days healing them, handing out rations to feed them, and awakening their Aura. Their gratitude and genuine hope and happiness convince him that he made the right choice when he agreed to help Blake's mission.
  • In the chapter "Prerequisites" Jaune goes to his father for moral advice, fearing what he might have to do in the upcoming White Whale mission. Though he doesn't outright say it, he all but confirms that he'll soon be involved in illegal activities. Instead of getting angry, his father listens to him with an open mind, gives him advice on how to proceed without telling him what to do, and even offers to abandon the mission that he's about to go on, just like that, if Jaune really feels like he needs the help. Jacques Arc is a really awesome father.
  • Despite their (literal) fight over (essentially) being Lawful or Good, Jaune remains friends with Penny, and assures her that she is a real girl.
  • Of all the changes Jaune has made to the canon storyline, perhaps the most subtle among them has been his effect on Adam. When the events of the Black Trailer came to pass in this universe, Adam chose to merely steal the Dust and leave without hurting anyone, rather than planting bombs like his canon counterpart.
    Adam: It didnít matter. But... for some reason, I didn't feel like killing anyone that day.
  • To the average civillian and Hunter, Autumn is just a plant monster made from Aura. But everyone that Jaune has introduced her to as his daughter; his parents, sisters, grandmother, Adam, Gou, and Raven, have all treated her as a person without even considering it, or commenting on her appearence.
  • Adam panics when Jaune tells him that Mercury and Emerald are alone in their dorm room with Autumn. There's a reason that she calls him Uncle in her Interlude.
  • In "Fulfillment" Adam makes an uncharacteristically long speech reaffirming his decision to have Jaune's back no matter what, even though he knows full well that the opposition is only going to get tougher.
  • In "Expansion" Jaune's whole team affirm their wish to continue standing by his side despite the very long odds they're about to face.