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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Jaune's battle with Penny is a multi-chapter epic as he pulls everything he can do against his statistically far stronger foe in order to buy time to load up the faunus into the White Whale.
  • Jaune's battle with Pyrrha on both sides; Jaune for pulling off ever more exotic moves to keep up with his statistically superior foe without even using his full power, and the opponent for not just holding her own but in fact repeatedly getting hits in despite her far more constrained moveset.
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  • "Horde" truly demonstrates just how far Jaune's come. The first time he fought a Giant Nevermore, he needed a Bullhead and Adam to do the heavy lifting. Here, he not only kills it by himself, but also destroys a small army of Grimm before its corpse hits the ground. By the time Adam catches up there are no more left for him to kill.
  • "Practice Mode" is another milestone. When Jaune started his Training from Hell with his mother, shortly after beating Penny, she was curb stomping him left and right. When Jaune spars with his father, over ten levels later, he's actually able to make his father work for that victory.
  • In "Quick Time", Jaune learns Acceleration, which lets him move so fast the air heats up around him. As Ryuugi later explained, he had already been using his fire elemental to mitigate the flames before, meaning he's doing supersonic at least, and much more likely hypersonic.
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  • In the whole Conquest arc, Jaune repeatedly takes on higher-levelled, more experienced infected Huntsmen and wins.
  • In "Conditions", Jaune simultaneously takes a direct hit from Yang and the Malachite twins. It does nothing. He proceeds to dodge all of Yang's attacks without even opening his eyes, including doing a Bullet Catch on two of Ember Celica's shells. When Yang refuses to acknowledge she's outmatched, he promises to go easy with his counter, which explicitly stops short of actually making contact with her... and it still sends her flying to Destination Defenestration.
  • In "Tasks", Jaune casually heals a few hundred people. Then complains about it not being enough to grind his healing.
  • Jaune's sister Olivia teaching at Haven. Why is this awesome? She’s been out of school for less than a year.
    Shani: I think it might be for Haven, since she graduated early after switching up to Atlas. That place attracts its fair share of geniuses, though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if there was some ten year old running around somewhere. Olivia was really excited about it, though. They don’t let just anyone teach the next generation of Hunters, you know?”
    You read that right, Olivia graduated early. Meaning she could be the same age as the very students she teaches or her classmates even.
  • The Arc family spar. Highlights include:
    • Jaune swimming fast enough to create a whirlpool.
    • Jaune calling down earthquakes and tsunamis.
    • Azure and Sienna's city-sized monster.
    • Jaune using Awesomeness by Analysis to determine how Olivia's direction control (think Accelerator) works and shooting just so to pinball a shot into hitting her.
  • In "Puzzles", Jaune reassembles a giant pyramid in two minutes.
  • In "Second Try", Jaune takes on three Goliaths simultaneously. In another milestone of his ever-growing power, he disintegrates one with a single use of Lux Aeterna and effortlessly toys with the other two.
  • In "Tag Team", with Jaune to do the heavy lifting and restoration, Adam jumps 11 levels in one night of grinding. Also an inversion of what happened early on in the story, when it was Adam who had to do the heavy lifting for Jaune to get better.
  • In "Mentality", Jaune is able even from his first uses of Psychokinesis to tear apart Grimm and buildings with ease.
  • "Class Introductions" shows us what the difference in power is really like when there's a gap tens of levels between fighters - Adam demolishes a team of trainee Huntsmen with ease all by himself. We later learn they were the third strongest team of the batch.
  • "Approval Rating" cements Jaune's status as a Magnificent Bastard. Told by Dr. Toxotes to land one hit, he unleashes a massive Psychokinetic strike that not only sends the teacher rocketing downwards into the water table, it also shatters the classroom. Jaune catches everyone before they hit the ground on a lower level and effortlessly repairs the damage he caused. That's not all - the attack he chose was deliberately Awesome, but Impractical to create a strong, flashy impression and succeeds in its goal of making all of Haven sit up and pay attention to him, shake up their existing schemes and force them to react rather than the other way around, carry out discussion and changes of plan that he can promptly use his Super Senses to eavesdrop on, thus also bringing him closer to his intermediary goal of gaining control over Haven. And he acts like it's no big deal too.
  • Jaune's spar with Finn and Albus, taking on two of Haven's three strongest seniors while restricting his offensive options to Psychokinesis alone, and winning.
  • Remember when Jaune reduced a Goliath to stumps with one use of Lux Aeterna? In "Sea Level" a Leviathan takes five and a boatload of lesser attacks before it dies.
  • Roman Torchwick gets such a moment in "Unannounced" when he sees through Jaune's act and realises he knows something Jaune doesn't.
  • "Try Again": After weeks of training, Adam, Gou and Jaune take a crack at a second Leviathan. How much stronger are they now? They kill it in just three of their strongest attacks each.
  • Jaune's first fight with a Hydra involves it evolving into an Ananta, who knows how many Lux Aeternae, using his Dimensional for Mind Screw results, and makes Adam's Title change into The Blood Prince.
  • Jaune pokes Cinder a little too hard and quickly realises he's ridiculously out of his depth. He gets out of it by bullshitting his way into making her believe that "Jian Bing" is a Conquest host.
  • "Firefighting" shows how much difference a few levels and new skills makes. The first time Jaune fought a Humbaba, he needed to work alongside Adam, Gou and Raven to kill it. This time round can be described as the Kill It with Fire equivalent of More Dakka - Jaune sets it on such intense fire that it decides to flee rather than fight, then chases it while putting it more and more on fire, until it's so thoroughly toasted that it can't run any more.
  • In Adam's Interlude, he demonstrates the fruit of his breakthrough - absorbing a blast from a Humbaba, using the absorbed energy to directly enhance himself instead of releasing it via Wilt, then slaying it in a Single-Stroke Battle.
  • The fight with Gilgamesh pushes things to a whole new level that really has to be read to do it justice, but in summary includes:
    • The foe tanks three Brahmastras without serious injury.
    • Jaune gives the foe a Face Palm Of Doom via Lux Aeterna... which also doesn't do much.
    • Jaune unveils Ohr Ein Sof, which by transcending physical destruction finally does noticeable damage.
    • The foe defeats four of Jaune's manifested Elementals in rapid succession.
    • The foe gives Jaune a Face Palm Of Doom of his own - by slamming Jaune's head into the ground so hard it shatters for hundreds of metres around.
    • With Thaumiel active, Jaune regains the upper hand in close combat. The resulting barrage, including ten Lux Aeternae, a Gungnir, a Longinus and two Ohr Ein Sofs, finally blow a limb off the foe...
    • Which makes the foe reveal his Adaptive Ability. What follows is a Shapeshifter Showdown that includes Nanomachines (SON!) on Nanomachine combat.
    • Jaune's barrier skills finally prestige, enabling him to add some Reality Warping to his arsenal.
    • Jaune takes a leaf out of the book of one of the other Archangels, Gevurah and creates a star. With all the Kill It with Fire goodness that implies. It melts the foe down to his core portal.
  • Raven gives a Badass Boast to Malkuth, straight up telling him that she's going to kill his current avatar. He's nonplussed for a moment, then starts laughing...up until he discovers that Jaune added his Skills to Raven's, via her attacking him so fast he can't even see it.
    • Raven proceeds to spend the next several chapters redirecting Malkuth's attacks with portals, cutting off his limbs with portals, incinerating his body with portals, and using temporal and spatial manipulation to keep him at bay while Jaune recovers from his own fight with Malkuth. She effectively stalemated the Creator of the Grimm without taking any injuries herself.
  • After spending most of the story just catching up to his past life (and he still hasn't in several aspects), Jaune is finally creating skills beyond anything anyone has seen before. Thaumiel surprises (and impresses) Malkuth slightly. But Metatron mode, in which Jaune fuzes with Thaumiel AND Keter makes Malkuth fight seriously... and lose.


  • The first part of "Result" getting over 90 Likes in just half an hour and over 500 thread-viewers on at the same time. There are much more established stories that don't get half that.
  • Ryuugi posting a half-chapter once a day, every day, for almost ten months. Including not missing Thanksgiving or Christmas. And the streak would have gone on even longer too if not for some users' rowdiness provoking a mod clampdown and an involuntary two-week hiatus. After the story resumed in late May, the once a day updates continued all the way to the final chapter exactly on December 31 2015.