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Tear Jerker / Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure

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  • Most of the scenes involving Thomas and the Fat Controller (whether directly or indirectly) feel this way, especially because this is the strictest he's acted in years. The worst one of all, though, is after the dynamite scene, where the Fat Controller shouts at Thomas and sends him away, not having seen enough to know that Thomas was simply trying to save everyone from getting destroyed. It's a gut punch at its finest, because more often than not, his harsh words towards Thomas are mostly justified. His behavior towards Thomas also feels much more strict than towards the other engines this time around, which makes things feel worse still. In fact, quite a few fans, prior to the special's release, expected the Fat Controller to state his intent to sell Thomas to the highest bidder, even if for scrap, as he had become that much of a liability.
    The Fat Controller: THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE! What are you playing at now?! I thought you could learn to be more responsible if I sent you to work here!
    Thomas: But sir, this time it's really not my fault! I—
    The Fat Controller: No, Thomas! I have had quite enough of your excuses! Go to your shed immediately! And you can stay there for the rest of the afternoon! And everyone else can get back to work!
    • Also, there's Thomas watching the Fat Controller congratulating Marion for finding the treasure, and he can notice that the Fat Controller doesn't see him, making him believe that he's no longer wanted.
  • Sailor John indirectly accusing Thomas of taking the treasure. Thomas' expression as the sailor rolls away in Skiff really seals it.
    • The worst part is that Sailor John and Skiff usually appeared not long after something happened to dishearten Thomas, and his mood improved quite a bit whenever he met with them. But now even that was taken from him...

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