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Tear Jerker / Tale of the Brave

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  • Right after the Scrap Heap Monster incident. It ends with Percy completely rejecting Thomas AND James.
    • On the same coin, Thomas still wants to make amends, but it doesn't go well at all.
    • While they're looking for him, Thomas thinks that Percy is leaving Sodor forever on Gator's boat. After the initial moment of horror, he rushes to the docks, only to find the boat is already leaving. He whistles and screams for the boat to stop, but they don't hear him. As a last ditch effort, he gets Cranky to snag the boat with his hook, but the crane nearly falls off the docks while pulling the ship back to the port.
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    • Making it worse is Ben Small's delivery in the UK dub. You can hear his voice breaking with this particular line:
      Thomas: You CAN'T let him leave! This is an EMERGENCY!
  • Gator's goodbye. Seriously, Percy looks/sounds so sad through the whole thing, as opposed to Hiro's departure where Percy cheered him on and wished him well.

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