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Tear Jerker / Planes: Fire & Rescue

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  • The film is surprisingly touching when Dusty travels to Piston Peak National Park. On the way there, Dusty has to mind his torque meter to keep his gearbox from failing, and is thus constantly reminded of the limits he now has for the rest of his life. As Dusty putts across the sky with this reality, there is a soulful song expressing his melancholy that finds one silver lining: "Still I fly."
  • Just try to form a mental image how much emotional pain that Blade Ranger has suffered from losing his friend, Nick "Loop'n" Lopez.
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  • Dusty's plight hits hard in the Reality Subtext for those who have suffered a career-ending injury. Imagine no longer being able to do the things you love because your body simply can't do it any more. Even worse because Dusty isn't just losing his ability to race, for the rest of his life he runs the risk of losing his ability to fly. Given that he's, well, an airplane, such a situation would be likened to a world-class marathon runner becoming a paraplegic.

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