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Nightmare Fuel / Planes: Fire & Rescue

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  • Dusty has a pretty somber reaction when he realizes that the wall of pictures he sees early on is not of Fire Fighters who were heroes of the past like the Jolly Wrenches had, but a memorial wall of Fire Fighters who had been killed doing exactly what he was about to learn how to do. Disney pulls no punches and makes no allusions to just how dangerous a Fire Fighters job is, especially the job of Air Tankers and Smoke Jumpers.
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  • The fate of all of the cars trapped at the park entrance had the Air Tankers and Smoke Jumpers not showed up to bail them out. Many would've suffocated, and many others would've been burned alive. Thankfully, this is a Disney film, and we don't get to see any of that.
  • The vehicles in this world could potentially be immortal so long as they can get replacement parts. The major plot point is that Dusty's gearbox has been discontinued and a replacement can't be found, somewhere someone is making the decision that certain models need to die out.
    • This brings a horrifying amount of context to the villains' motives in Cars 2. It wasn't revenge for being laughed at; it was revenge for being left to die.

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