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Funny / Planes: Fire & Rescue

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How not to use your pontoons.
  • Dusty being mistaken for Ripslinger.
  • The RV couple's " Wearing off the treads" line and Dusty and Maru's reaction to it. Maru even uses Brain Bleach on the mental image.
  • Dusty thought the firefighters invited him to watch Howard the Truck.
  • When Dusty first gets his pontoons, he tries them out by walking in them and stomping all over the place. Then when he pops the wheels to use them properly, he's amazed at how tall he is.
  • Dusty accidentally extinguishing the fire from an RV couple's campout. Blade even remarks on such:
    Blade: Good job, you just saved those folks from a nice vacation.
  • During the CHoPS episode:
    Blade: Good move, partner.
    Criminal: Man, why you choppies always spotting my fun?
    Nick: Hey! You think it's fun running station wagons off the road, you punk?! If I had a nickel for every crook like you —
    Blade: Hey, hey, hey, he ain't worth it, Nick.
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  • At one point during the end credits, Blade shows up carrying the deere he rescued in the film proper on his hoist.

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