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Headscratchers / Planes: Fire & Rescue

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  • After Dusty admits that he can't fly so fast because of his broken gearbox, Blade Ranger tells him essentially Dare To Be Bad Ass and put rescuing people first. Isn't that like telling a human who has a defective organ to never mind that it could cause them paralysis / death from brisk movement alone, and carry on with their job? There's a reason why if you want to be a firefighter or any type of rescue personnel that you will have to get a mandatory physical at a doctor first to make sure you're in good enough shape. Likewise why they are forced to leave said job if they suffer too large an injury.
    • His speech wasn't about Dusty's injury. It was about Dusty's emotional breakdown about it. Dusty is an emotional wreck because he'll never be able to be a racer again, and that's affecting his performance as a fire fighter, which could cost people their lives and very nearly costs his and Blade's(Especially because he's only telling Blade about it when they're both in danger). Blade's speech was less "You need to risk yourself" and more about "I'm sorry for your career, but right now, you need to get it together, it's not over yet". Dusty performs relatively well as a fire fighter without risking his gearbox(In fact, when he DOES risk it to save the couple in the bridge, Blade advises against it), so it's not like Blade is telling Dusty he NEEDS to risk killing himself.

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