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Tear Jerker / Morenatsu

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  • When you reach the final day of the game, it's very hard not to feel depressed that the story is about to end. While it may not invoke tears, don't feel ashamed or alone if you do feel a tightness in your chest as the ending plays.

Tatsuki's Route

Kouya's Route

Shin's Route

Shun's Route

  • When the night of the festival finally arrives, Shun tells you that he doesn't want to go to it. Later on, we learn that Shun was supposed to be the Miko for the festival this year, but Shun wanted to enjoy the festival with Hiroyuki instead. His grandfather got very angry at him for that because he is strict on their tradition and he said that Shun was a shameful heir to his family. You just have to feel very bad for Shun with his grandfather getting so angry at him just because he didn't want to be part of their tradition.
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  • Then there's also the fact that Shun's been waiting five years for Hiroyuki to come back and unlike most of the rest of the cast, he missed him a lot over all of those years.

Kounosuke's Route

  • Near the end of his route, he gets second thoughts about wanting to enter the photography contest. While he wants to use the money from the grand prize to move to the city since it has been his dream, after viewing the pictures he took for the contest earlier that day, he felt that if he did move to the city, he'd miss everything in his village too much and he questions why he even wanted to move to the city since there were things/places that are only in his village and what he really wants to do. Also since the player character has never seen him act this way before, he doesn't know what he can do to help him either.

Juuichi's Route

Kyouji's and Soutarou's Route

Torahiko's Route


  • In the aftermath of the 2011 Touhoku earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown, there was uncertainty about whether all the Morenatsu Project team members were all right and accounted for. Eventually, a blog posting revealed they were all fine.


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