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Mixed in with the heartwarming are some of the oddest and bizarre bouts of humor. Often you'll have to reload your game and pick a different choice to find them, but they exist.


  • On the camping trip, before everyone goes to sleep, Torahiko tells the group that they won't be doing that thing they normally do before going to bed. Most of the group understands what he means by that, but Juuichi is a bit confused and he feels a bit embarrassed about talking about it. Torahiko then asks everyone what kind they use when they do it and everyone gives a different answer. When Juuichi gives his answer, he says that he just uses his right hand. When Tora talks asks him about what he's talking about, Juuichi says jerking off. When Juuichi realizes that Torahiko was really talking about brushing teeth, Juuichi is understandably mad because Torahiko tricked him and he hits him hard.
    • Juuichi has this misunderstanding again during an encounter you have with him and Shun at the library. Hiroyuki and Shun are having a conversation about writing, and Hiroyuki makes a gesture with his hand that's supposed to represent writing something down but Juuichi interprets it as something else. The kicker is that neither Shin nor Hiroyuki quite understand what he thinks they're talking about, and after pressing him about it enough, he has the following outburst before shutting himself up and meekly leaving.
      Juuichi: M... M... MASTURBAAAATE!!!

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