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While Morenatsu doesn't have even close to the same quantity of Moments of Awesome that it does compared to the Heartwarming Moments, the ones that do exist are more than noteworthy, in the context of the game.

Please note that, because specific examples from the different routes are used, there are spoilers EVERYWHERE! You have been warned.

Tatsuki's Route

  • After the plane crashes the first time Tatsuki tries piloting it, Hiroyuki gets one of these when you select the option to loudly scold a depressed Tatsuki with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech and snap him out of his funk. Noteable because Hiroyuki is never portrayed as the kind of person who would act this way beforehand, and given that Tatsuki is almost twice his size it's very impressive.
  • Perhaps the single best example in Tatsuki's route is when he tries to fly the plane the second time. This time, you're with him despite the dangers, and if you choose the first option, ALL your other friends come out to encourage you, each one of them yelling for the plane to fly. Even the normally quiet and sharped-tongued Shin wants it to work. And then it does.


Kouya's Route

  • Kouya reconciling with his father.

Shin's Route

Shun's Route

Kounosuke's Route

Juuichi's Route

Kyouji's and Soutarou's Route

Torahiko's Route


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