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A repository of links to Morenatsu art and Fan-Art. All Morenatsu characters are Public Domain Characters, and the Morenatsu Project declare they do not own the characters and actively encourage fanart and enjoy seeing it. While Gamma was the official artist for the Project, all Morenatsu Fan-Art is considered to be equally worthy.

To add media here, search for the associated artist name, and add the link to that section. If the artist doesn't have a section, create a new section for it. Follow the general Image Links rules — in particular, no Not Safe for Work images. Yes, we know how ironic that is considering it's Morenatsu. Pictures as worksafe as these articles (which are most certainly not completely worksafe in and of themselves) may suffice.


Be sure not to add links that are direct media file rips from the game. The Morenatsu Project team specifically dislikes this, and have threatened to block foreign access if this becomes a problem. LOLCats-style Memetic Mutation is probably okay though since it is a type of Fair Use Affectionate Parody.

If an entry has become a dead link, please remove it. Note however to distinguish between dead links and server maintenance messages (which may resemble "not found" pages if not in English).


Aledon Rex

  • Link: Tatsuki and Tappei drinking after work.

Charkonian Stalkers

  • Link: Juuichi glomping a fanboy.



  • Link: Kounosuke and Tatsuki.


  • Link: Hiroyuki, the main characters and Tappei, Botan and Shigure floating mid-air.
  • Link: Kounosuke.
  • Link: Shun with a big knife.
  • Link: Chibi Torahiko and Tatsuki in costumes.


  • Gamma was the official artist for the Morenatsu Project. Though he was Word of God for references in the Morenatsu Visual Novel, the characters themselves are Public Domain Characters and his representation of them as characters is a descriptive Word of Dante. The Project site has various selections of his art, particularly on the character page and on the Morenatsu blog. Some parts of the website may be Not Safe for Work, but most of the website is (relatively) worksafe. Gamma is no longer involved with the project, having completed his art contributions.
  • On the Morenatsu website:
    • Link: Shun and Shin resting against Tatsuki.
    • Link: Kounosuke Shirtless Scene.
    • Link: Juuichi animation doing Caramelldansen.
    • Link: Kyouji showering.
    • Link: Torahiko in his competitive swimsuit.
    • Link: A non-anthro animal version of Juuichi (wearing Juuichi's clothes).
    • Link: Tatsuki flirting.
    • Link: Tatsuki at onsen.
    • Link: Torahiko in Stylistic Suck.
    • Link: Torahiko wet in his swimsuit.
    • Link: Torahiko wearing swimming goggles.
  • Blog postings:
    • Link: Botan bathing.
    • Link: Tatsuki.
    • Link: Juuichi in briefs.
    • Link: Torahiko blushing and being chin-scritched.
    • Link: Torahiko in winter.
    • Link: Torahiko waving.
    • Link: Kounosuke and Tatsuki.
    • Link: Kounosuke and Tatsuki.
  • FurAffinity submissions:
    • Link: Shun and Tatsuki at a bridge.
    • Link: Kyouji.
    • Link: Torahiko.
    • Link: Kyouji.
    • Link: Tatsuki.
    • Link: Shun.
    • Link: Shin.
    • Link: Juuichi.
    • Link: Torahiko.
    • Link: Juuichi.
    • Link: Kounosuke.
    • Link: Soutarou.
    • Link: Main characters on a spring picnic.
    • Link: Shin.
    • Link: Torahiko.
    • Link: Kouya and Kyouji.
    • Link: Kouya with a guitar.
    • Link: Shun.
    • Link: Kounosuke's facial expressions.
    • Link: Soutarou and Kyouji in autumn.
    • Link: Juuichi's facial expressions.
    • Link: Tatsuki.
    • Link: Soutarou's facial expressions.
    • Link: Shin.
    • Link: Kounosuke taking off his shirt.
    • Link: Shun holding up a sign.
    • Link: Soutarou.
    • Link: Eagle-eye view of the main characters.
    • Link: Torahiko indoors.
    • Link: Torahiko.
    • Link: Kyouji saving Hiroyuki from drowning. His eyes are actually open, but the picture has no color.
    • Link: Shin's facial expressions.
    • Link: Juuichi entering a school bus.
    • Link: Torahiko's facial expressions.
    • Link: Juuichi practicing juudou.
    • Link: Shun and Tatsuki at a bridge.
    • Link: Kounosuke, Juuichi and Shin handing out questionnaires.
    • Link: Shun's facial expressions.
    • Link: Chibis of some of the main characters.
    • Link: Tatsuki brushing his teeth.
    • Link: Torahiko teasing Tatsuki while Tatsuki brushes his teeth.
    • Link: Torahiko and Tatsuki wrestling.
    • Link: Shin in winter clothes.
    • Link: Tatsuki.
    • Link: Shun.
    • Link: Some of the main characters after school.
    • Link: Juuichi sweating.
    • Link: Shin lying awake in bed.
    • Link: Soutarou.
    • Link: Main characters under a cloudy sky.
    • Link: Torahiko.
    • Link: Tatsuki.
    • Link: Torahiko and Hiroyuki with lemonade.
    • Link: Torahiko indoors. Colored by Yutari.
    • Link: Juuichi asleep at a kotatsu.
    • Link: Kounosuke and Tatsuki.
    • Link: Soutarou asleep at school.


  • Link: Hiroyuki, Tatsuki, Juuichi, Kounosuke and Torahiko.
  • Link: Hiroyuki and the main characters.


Icedum 0534

Kaito 90

  • [1]: Kounosuke and Juuichi.


  • Link: Collage of the nine main characters.


  • Link: Tatsuki drunk.
  • Link: The nine main characters playing in the snow.


  • Link: Juuichi in a competitive swimsuit.
  • Link: Kouya taking off his shirt.
  • Link: Torahiko in a fake screenshot.
  • Link: Juuichi in a fake screenshot.
  • Link: Kounosuke in a fake screenshot.
  • Link: Juuichi examining his own belly fat.


  • Link: Kounosuke.
  • Link: Torahiko and Kōnosuke.
  • Link: Chibis of Shin, Torahiko and Tatsuki.
  • Link: Kounosuke.
  • Link: Shin and Hiroyuki.


  • Link: Torahiko.
  • Link: Tatsuki flirting with Torahiko.
  • Link: Torahiko.


  • Link: Tatsuki flirting with Torahiko while Torahiko brushes his teeth.


  • Link: Juuichi in a fundoshi.

Omega Lupus

  • Link: Juuichi and Torahiko kiss.
  • Link: Torahiko with chocolate in his mouth suggesting a kiss with Juuichi.
  • Link: Torahiko "not crying".


  • Link: Tappei in springtime with assorted alcoholic bottles.


  • Link: Tatsuki, Kounosuke and Torahiko as edible chocolates.



  • Link: Tetsuya eating.



  • Link: Kouya resting on Tatsuki's belly.


  • Link: Tappei and his muscled bicep.


  • Link: Tatsuki.
  • Link: Kouya and Tatsuki surfing.



  • Link: Tatsuki while painting.


  • Link: Juuichi glomping a fanboy.
  • Link: Torahiko and Juuichi.
  • Link: Tatsuki and Kounosuke.
  • Link: Tappei and the artist's character.


  • Link: Tatsuki unfinished.
  • Link: Tatsuki.


  • Link: Collage of the nine main characters.

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