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  • Development Hell: The game has been in production since 2003. Justified in that the game is the result of a collaboration between multiple artists, and the first demo alone totalled in with over 50,000 lines of dialogue alone, NOT counting the recent patch that added two of the nine complete paths. There's still nothing remotely resembling an estimated completion date. The game was originally cancelled by the original developers, but another team has since picked it up to try and complete it. And when that didn't work out well, someone decided to take the matter into their own hands. It will be presumed that 2020 will be the deadline for the game to be finalized.
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  • No Export for You: Though the international fandom (and its fanart) is acknowledged and welcomed, there were no plans to ever release the game in English or to sell it outside Japan. The original Morenatsu Project team was distrustful of foreigners, and their policy was to forbid all translation into other languages or countries, even if formally asked. The team said on the front page that anyone who tried to make a fan translation will have their entire country locked out. This was going to be Averted by the new team who planned to release the game in English, possibly thinking about other translations. With that plan falling through, someone else, who goes by the codename of DzahnDragon, is working on it.
  • What Could Have Been: Nanafuse's uncanny resemblance to Shun could be explained as some short of Easter Egg to an early design of Shun.


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