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Tear Jerker / Monster House

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  • When Nebbercracker has a heart attack after confronting DJ, in a quick Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment, the house has a sad expression on its face, and it begins to moan right after smoke starts coming out of the chimney, almost as if it were crying.
    • Even though DJ & Chowder were both terrified of him, they still feel horrible about what happens. It really goes to show that while they feared Nebbercracker, they never wanted anything bad to happen to him.
    • It becomes more even tragic when it is later revealed that the house is actually possessed by the spirit of Nebbercracker's late wife, Constance. This means that Constance was afraid that she had lost the only living being that ever truly cared for her
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    • It even uses a few strands of the lawn to try and grab hold of the bed the paramedics were using to take Mr N. away.
  • Constance's entire backstory which ultimately culminates to her untimely death.
  • After the house is blown up with dynamite, Nebbercracker can be seen, having a final dance with the spirit of his dead wife, before she finally floats off having found peace as he gives her a final goodbye. Then, the old man falls to his knees and breaks down in tears of joy and sadness.
  • On the day of Constance's death, when the children are hucking eggs at her, she gets infuriated and tries to go after them. However, Mr. Nebbercracker's reaction is to try and calm her down. Telling her that they're only children. Compare this to the much older Nebbercracker, known throughout the neighborhood for screaming at children and taking anything that lands on his lawn. All to keep them safe by keeping them away. It makes it sad when you think about a man who seems like he genuinely cares about children, forced to be cruel and harsh to them just to keep them safe from a danger they know nothing about.
    • With that reveal, the scene where he breaks the little girl's tricycle is even sadder now. Cause imagine how horrible he must have felt after she left.
  • Minor, but after Nebbercracker pulls apart her bike, the little girl runs off crying, enough to make people feel bad for her.

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