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Tear Jerker / Little Busters!

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  • (Refrain route: Little Busters episode)
  • Saya's true ending. She is forced to leave the dream world by killing her "avatar", and although the ending scene is pretty ambiguous as to her soul's new whereabouts, she can never be with Riki or the Little Busters for real. She just wanted to have friends, dammit!
  • Another one for Saya in the LB!EX anime - when her 'real world' self Aya is caught in the landslide, all you can hear for a moment is the heavy rainfall. Then, you can hear her dad screaming her name over and over again, trying to find her. Aya, of course, is alone under the rubble, unable to respond.
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  • One especially for the anime: in its version of Kurugaya's route, instead of having Riki be the sole target, the bullies use Stock Shoujo Bullying Tactics on Kud and Komari to punish them for being Kurugaya's friends. The one reacting the most while the victims are trying to pretend it doesn't bother them and the others are either fretting or seething in the corner? Haruka, who looks like she's about to eviscerate someone. Her route had been adapted two story arcs ago in the previous season, and while she reconciled with the bully who was ruining her life, she's still been there, and Kurugaya's tormentors don't have Kanata's excuse.