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Tear Jerker / Legends of Chima

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  • The scene where Cragger's parents fall into the Gorge of Eternal Depth does this VERY well.... Although it turns out that they are still alive and only trapped at the bottom, it only makes it even worse...
  • The scene where Laval is leaving in episode 17 does this almost too well. First you see Gorzan, who is obviously saddened, but not too bad, then Bladvic, who is his normal sleepy self, and Rogon seems far too cheery for the occasion. Then he comes to the bottom of the steps, where Eris awaits. She's almost in tears, and very clearly heartbroken. The song Horizon, which has playing the background, suddenly gets vocals, and the scene from then on makes you want to cry.
    • Lagravis clearly takes it harder than everyone else. You can almost feel his pain of being force to exile his beloved son from Chima.
  • That scene in episode 20 will leave you crying a bit.

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