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Tearjerker / Lady and the Tramp

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Sure, he's alive now, but you didn't know that!

  • The dogs howling the song "Home! Sweet Home!" during the dog pound sequence, courtesy of The Mellomen.
    • During the scenes in the pound, we see a dog being led off to another room, where it's heavily implied the dog was put to sleep. They never outright say it, but Lady turns to the other dogs and says " mean he's...?"
    • And that dog was very happy looking when going in there. He had no idea...
  • Trusty's Disney Death. Jock whimpering, then when he nudges Trusty and there's no response, he looks up at the sky and lets out a mournful howl.
    • It would've been even worse had the filmmakers gone with the original plan to kill him off for real. Fortunately, they decided against it.
  • While Lady's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Tramp is awesome, you can hear the sadness in her voice.
    • Makes it doubly more saddening when Tramp leaves (because Lady tells him to) and you can see from his expression that he really fell in love with her.
  • Lady's sad and confused reaction after Darling hit her. It wasn't anywhere close to animal abuse, but you can't help but feel pity for the poor girl.
    • There's Lady's reaction to Jim Dear calling her "that dog". Jock and Trusty couldn't believe it when she told them about it, and she said that he'd never called her that before.
    • A lot of Lady's confusion over Darling expecting a baby is quite affecting. It's not so much that she's jealous, but that she's unsettled and doesn't quite understand what's going on, and Jock, Trusty and Tramp's conflicting input, while well-meaning, only adds to her confusion.
    Lady: What is a baby?/I just can't understand.
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  • Lady at the pound after learning of the Tramp's womanizing ways. She just let herself be romanced by him and actually fell in love with him. Then she thinks his feelings weren't genuine. She probably feels like an idiot. Further emphasized when Jock and Trusty offer to marry her, implying they're concerned that Tramp might have impregnated her as well.
  • The pound scene overall. The building's clearly worn down, the gate has a heavy padlock and barbed wire despite two signs extolling "Give a dog a happy home" and "Nice puppies", and every dog & puppy there is well-aware that they might be next to go through the "one-way door". It's clearly meant to evoke prison and is extra disheartening in that more than likely, the dogs in there have done nothing truly wrong.
    • Puppies crying and whimpering, enough said.

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