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Lady has been bought from a bad breeder
It is an ongoing discussion whether Lady is a Cocker Spaniel or a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - and thats for a reason. While her ears are more of a cocker spaniel her face and colours are similiar to a Cavalier king Charles Spaniel's. So she probably is a mix of both. There is another reason for her not having the best breeder: She has been bought as a Christmas present. Nowadays, getting a pet as a Christmas present would be considered problematic (at least in Germany and Austria, I dont know about other countries).

Darling and Jim Dear are Della and Jim from The Gift of the Magi
It's the same time period, the husband's name is Jim... it only makes sense. Several years after the events of Magi, they've overcome the financial struggles of their newlywed days and moved from their old apartment into a nice house with room for a dog and a baby.

Darling is related to the Darling family from Peter Pan
She's a distant American cousin. "Darling" isn't just an Affectionate Nickname, but her maiden name, which her friends and Jim took to calling her because it doubled as a term of endearment. This is why her friends use it as if it were her real name ("I've never seen anyone as radiant as Darling") at the baby shower.

Tramp is a poodle-german shepherd mix
When you Google "Poodle and german shepherd" some of the results bear a very striking resemblance to him.

Jock has lost his sense of smell, not Trusty.
Trusty is a bloodhound. As portrayed in the film, it would be a big deal for a bloodhound to lose his sense of smell, but maybe not so much for a yippy little Scottish terrier. He's in denial, and desperately trying to project it onto Trusty, probably so that he won't be laughed at. At the beginning, when Jock is explaining to Lady that Trusty has lost his sense of smell, Trusty is tracking the movements of a bug in his sleep. It's clear that Trusty's sense of smell is just fine, but Jock wants to make it a point of contention, likely to distract from his own inability to smell. It comes to a head near the end, when Jock and Trusty are trying to find the thief, and Jock reminds Trusty that he has lost his sense of smell. The "What the f*ck" look Trusty gives in response is priceless.

The hot drink Jim Dear shares with Lady is herbal tea, not coffee.
Coffee, or any caffeinated drink, is toxic to dogs. But herbal tea is safe for them, and some varieties chicory, for example can be dark in color and almost look like coffee.