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Tear Jerker / Katamari Damacy

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  • The ending credits of the first Katamari Damacy, of all things. It's gotta be the ending song, Katamari of Love... it's so cheesy, but it's such a pure expression of hope...
    • In the last flashback of the We ♥ Katamari game, the flashback is of The Prince's birth and how happy his father is. Either you'll cry at how beautiful and emotional the scene is, or you'll cry at the fact that now he doesn't even remember which of the cousins he is, and how he constantly makes fun of him.
  • The King of All Cosmos' backstory. The part where the King's father fishes the second-place trophy out of the river showed that despite his strict attitude, he really cared about his son. When the young King runs to his father in tears, you can almost imagine him saying, "I'm sorry, father!" and his father replying, "I'm sorry too, son."
    • The very first cutscene reveals just how hard the Emperor pushed his son, leading to uncomfortable implications about the King repeating the cycle with the Prince. Even after living through all of that firsthand and knowing how badly it screwed him up, he still treats his son like The Unfavorite and acts like he doesn't even remember him at times...
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    • Due to the King's backstory being framed as a movie based on his life, it's entirely possible that he and his father actually never reconciled and that he made it to gain some sort of closure on his awful childhood.
  • Katamari Forever: after the King wakes up, the RoboKing's anxiety kicks into overdrive: what's the point of having a Replacement Goldfish once the original comes back? Then the King learns about him, and is absolutely furious, ordering you to dismantle him at once. You have no choice but to roll him up as he lies there helplessly, piece by piece. The happy, cheery ending sequence feels pretty darn dissonant for anyone who liked the poor RoboKing.
    • At least he doesn't permanently vanish after the fact. Bad news is now if you choose to replay this level, HE'LL be the one telling you to roll him up. Though, considering how he ends up enjoying it and even shouts "WHEEEEEEEE!" when you roll up his reactor core, it just leaves plenty of questions up in the air...
  • If the game over screens don't scare you, they'll probably make you outright depressed. Seriously, the king REALLY knows how to emotionally kick you while you're down.
    King: We knew We should have asked your cousins instead of you. This is not your fault, but Our fault for believing in you.
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  • Bluffing Damacy, it's a song about a crestfallen, alcoholic man drowning his sorrow and promising that he would become a new man, grow strong and do great things, claiming that he would no longer need to dream. Except he's just lying to himself.


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