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  • Just rolling up the entire planet? Try rolling up the entire galaxy!
  • The fact that such a quirky Widget Series got imported to the US in the first place! You'd NEVER see such a thing happening in the 80s and 90s...
  • As absolutely awesome as the entire first game is, making the moon for the first time is by far the best part.
  • Likewise, the elephant/bird level in We Love Katamari is probably the best level in the game. It's a wonderful feeling going around rolling up all of those famous landmarks and then finally the King of All Cosmos himself.
    • The similar mission that's in Beautiful Katamari and Katamari Forever is even better - your Katamari becomes big enough to leave Earth's atmosphere and roll up the planets you've made throughout the game. Sure, in past games you've rolled up the galaxy, but that's starting in space - here, you progress all the way from a small Katamari to that size.
  • In Beautiful Katamari, in defiance of the laws of physics, the Prince can roll a Katamari large enough to PLUG UP A BLACK HOLE.
    • Alternatively, if you make your Katamari large enough you can roll the black hole up as part of the Katamari instead of just plugging it.
  • Rolling up the best Cow, Bear or even Cowbear you could find. Bonus points in the original where The King admits defeat and claims you rolled a better Katamari than him.
    • In Forever, the King is outright shocked that a Cowbear even exists and that you rolled one up. It’s also the hardest version of the Cows and Bears level because you aren’t given the option to retry if you roll a cow or bear up.

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