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Tear Jerker / Electric Light Orchestra

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Electric Light Orchestra may be known for writing "Mr. Blue Sky", but you won't find that song here.

  • "Eldorado" is about a man who decides to stay in a fantasy world because he can't take the real world anymore.
    • "Can't Get It Out of My Head", from the same album, can make the tears rain down as well.
  • "The Way Life's Meant to Be" is a song about change, the future, and letting go of the place you once called home. In fact, the entire Time album (which is basically a story about a man taken to the future, being separated from all he loves, trying to cope with it and then being sent back so that he can make the world into a better place).
    • In spite of the futuristic premise, the entire theme of the album can hit very close to home if you have faced the all too real problem of being unable to forget about things that happened to you in the past. The album more or less serves as an allegorical journey to acceptance. While it's safe to say the average person today hasn't been transported to the present/future, Time can be quite sobering for those "stuck in the past", and can be a hell of a listen especially if you're dealing with loss like the narrator. The narrator is implied to never return to 1981, making the message that much more poignant.
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    • Though you ride on the wheels of tomorrow.../You still wander the fields of your sorrow...
  • Tell me you don't cry when you hear "Wild West Hero". Go on, all of you, tell me.
  • "Telephone Line" (which, admittedly, kind of straddles the line between being sad and lugubrious).
  • "Whisper in the Night", from their first album.
  • Jeff Lynne composed the instrumental "The Whale" after watching a heart-wrenching documentary about whaling.
  • "Don't Walk Away", from the soundtrack to the film Xanadu. The sound of a lover begging his girlfriend to stay with him. And also "Xanadu", the title track; not as overtly sad, but not particularly upbeat, either.
    • Similarly, "The Fall" is about the singer's shock and disbelief after a breakup.
  • "Kuiama", the closing track of the ELO 2 album is known for being the band's longest track, going at 11 minutes. It's a war song about a soldier talking to a war orphan, the title character whose parents died, while at the same time he tries to explain he killed her parents. After a desperate 4-minute bridge, the soldier can't hold up anymore and just tells Kuiama that he shot them, before a 2-minute long ending with a Last Note Nightmare.
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  • And she said/"Mama, it's a hard life now you're gone..."
  • And of course "Mr. Blue Sky" can result in Tears of Joy.


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