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Tear Jerker / Cyrano de Bergerac

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The play

  • The letter scene in the convent. Between the letter itself, and Roxanne's reaction when she realizes that he couldn't possibly be reading it, that he knows it by heart even though he's supposedly never seen it's a full-box-of-kleenex scene. Any production, any translation. It doesn't matter.
  • Christian's death. Made worse when you realize Roxane is mourning the man she thought he was, rather than the man he actually was, so the only person who can properly remember him is Cyrano himself. Added to that is the fact that he was a genuinely good guy, who loved Roxanne enough to confess the whole ruse to her when he realized she might love Cyrano over him...
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  • When Christian tries to insists Cyrano tell Roxanne how he feels and demand Cyrano explain he he can't, Cyrano simply replies, "Look at me." Even men can feel so unattractive, they think they don't deserve to be loved.
  • The 2019 National Theatre production with James McAvoy features a passionate kiss between Cyrano and Christian after the following line. It's both beautiful and absolutely heartbreaking, as Cyrano looks so stunned, like he genuinely can't believe it. And Christian then tears himself away and leaves...
    Christian: Is there... a version of life... where two men can live as one person?


The 1990 film:

  • Cyrano's death, confessing his scheme with Christian to Roxanne and futilely trying to deny that he loves her.

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