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Tear Jerker / Culture Club

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This classic New Wave band has many songs that can get the tear-ducts flowing.

Kissing to Be Clever
  • "I'm Afraid Of Me" is this, if you actually pay attention to the lyrics. Oddness of them aside, it's easy to sympathise with the speaker's laments, give how close to home they hit for many. "Who will I be?" "Who will love me?"
  • "Do You Really Want To Hurt Me", of course. An ode to a love that cuts like glass, where you're "wrapped in sorrow" and you want your lover to "catch your tears". Then, in the later verses, when things have truly started to fall apart:
    You've been talking but believe me
    If it's true you do not know
    This boy loves without a reason
    I'm prepared to let you go
    If it's love you want from me
    Then take it away
    Everything is not what you see
    It's over again
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  • "Time (Clock Of The Heart)" is more upbeat, saying that the lovebirds can be together if they "overcome their fears". The romance is still too hot to handle, however; the singer asks "was the heat was too much", and admits "I felt I lost you from the start". The wistful chorus lyric "We could've had so much more", puts a lot of doubt on this being a successful love.

Colour by Numbers

  • "Karma Chameleon", despite its cheerful visage, is this if you look closely: a harsh look at a formerly-happy romance; your "used to be so sweet" lover now only says "wicked words", and reconciliation won't be easy, as "When you go, you're gone forever".


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