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Tear Jerker / Bryan Danielson

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  • His ROH farewell speech. Especially when he tells the sound guys to cue up his "favorite song" one more time.
  • The death of his father, barely hours before the 4/21/14 broadcast of Raw, prompted an abrupt rewrite of a segment so that Bryan could take the night off to mourn his father. You could see the tears in his eyes during his lone segment.
  • The fact that he's hanging up his boots, for the sake of his health, broke the hearts of fans and fellow wrestlers around the world. Say what you will, but having to pack it in at the age of 34, an age where one should have many more miles in them, has gotta sting. He will be sorely missed.
    • Of course, the resulting retirement speech on the 2/8/16 episode of Raw was instantly one of the great Manly Tears moments in WWE history.
    • A behind the scenes shot shows him being comforted by his wife utterly devastated. Remember that wrestling encompassed almost all of his adult life up to this point, the fact that he cannot do the things he loves anymore is soul crushing to say the least.
    • On ESPN following his announcement, we see the reason why he had to retire. He's had over 10 documented concussions of his career, possibly more…and post-concussion seizures as well as an acute brain lesion that he found out about roughly a week or two before the retirement which convinced him to hang up his boots. With the revelation of those dangerous conditions, many fans went from accusing WWE of conspiratorially holding him out of action despite his insistence that he could go just to preserve their own plans to being just as relieved that he retired before something worse happened to him as they had been five years earlier with Edge.

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