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  • Anybody who thinks Danielson has no personality should watch the time he and Paul London started talking about dolphins and pods. BZZZZZZZT!!!!".
    Bryan Danielson: Just like a dolphin...would...sting a whale!
    (Danielson and Paul London start dying of laughter)
    Paul London: It totally would! It's a hybrid dolphin! It comes from The Island of Doctor Moreau!
  • That one time, when, during a match with Tyson Kidd, as a counter to a rebound off the ropes, he curled up into a ball and basically, Tyson tried to roll him, but he just couldn't pin him! Also doubles as a CMOA because it shows off his signature style, albeit in a very unorthodox fashion.
  • Between his firing and rehiring by the WWE in 2010, Danielson joked at an indie show he was going to TNA after his "No Compete" clause was up. After hearing some boos, he reminded everyone he could restart his feud with Nigel McGuinness (who has been renamed "Desmond Wolfe" in TNA), stating "You wouldn't want to see Desmond Wolfe vs. Lloyd Boner?" The comment led to the crowd chanting "Boner! Boner!" to an amused Danielson.
    • This actually happened on a CHIKARA show, a promotion which takes pride in it's family-friendly content. Bryan promptly noted that the "Boner" chants made him question Chikara's family-friendly policy.
    • Here it is. Enjoy!
    • "Lloyd Boner" is now a redirect to Danielson's article on Wikipedia.
    • Made even more hilarious when, in a 2012 interview, Bryan revealed that among a list of possible names he was given when starting in WWE, one of the names was actually "Lloyd Bonaire."
  • Chikara fans tend to throw streamers at wrestlers they like. In Danielson's case, they threw ties.
  • This classic moment with "I Know Mortal Kombat" wrestler Kenny Omega. Although honestly, the entire match could count.
  • His Large Ham tendencies tend to create quite a few, but a good howler occurred on the 10/18 edition of Raw. While he was outside tying Dolph Ziggler up in a pretzel, six Divas come out to the ring and run off Vickie Guerrero with a bucket of glitter. Then, Bryan gets back in the ring, looking kind of flustered around the very pretty Divas. They then cue music, and Bryan proceeds to lead the Divas through the most Adorkable dance break ever. It ends with him attempting to do a split and hurting himself in the process. He gets consoled by half a dozen of the most gorgeous women in WWE, and proceeds to dance with each of them in turn into the commercial break.
  • The 11/22/10 edition of Raw saw him thrown into a Sibling Triangle with the Bella Twins, looking amusingly and thoroughly confused on what he was going to do.
    • His position in said triangle was further convoluted when, on the 12/20/10 edition of Raw, he was given by the Bellas a trio of kisses escalating in intensity partly as a reward for having just defeated his trainer William Regal and partly because neither sibling wanted to be shown up in front of Daniel.
    • And now Derrick Bateman wants to be Bryan's wingman...because Bryan and Bateman are all about chicks...and AMERICA!
  • Daniel Bryan tries to teach Derrick Bateman the Heel Hook.
    • Really, it seems like everything involving him and Derrick Bateman is shaping up to be this.
  • Daniel Bryan has been going out with Gail Kim for months. Can someone get me a video link for that?
  • Go back and watch Bryan Danielson tear apart the WWE "Universe" / bitch-slapping of Michael Cole. When Danielson tells The Miz that he's better than him, Miz responds with, "'re better than me?!" William Regal and CM Punk, who were sitting right next to him nod and grin like idiots. Bonus points to Punk, who mouths, "By a mile!" to Regal and pantomimes it out to him, all while Miz fails to notice anything.
    • You can actually hear Regal try and tell Miz that Danielson is right over the microphone.
  • A cup doesn't belong on your face. A cup belongs in your pants.
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  • Bryan Danielson will bury everybody! He buries by request too!
  • Night two of ROH's Chicago Spectacular began with an eight man brawl in the ring. The heels, Danielson included, all got tossed out. While they were regrouping on the floor Danielson noticed something that enraged him. He walked up to Jimmy Rave and said (a comma is left out here, to better reflect his delivery):
    American Dragon: [holding something in his hand] Jimmy! They broke my watch those BASTARDS!
  • In another ROH match pitting Danielson, Vordell Walker and Samoa Joe against Spanky, James Gibson and Nigel McGuinness, Danielson goes spinning firemans carry crazy. He hits one on Spanky, hits one on Gibson, by now completely dizzy he hits one on Walker, hits another one on Spanky, tries to hit one on Joe, can't get him up and face plants. Bonus points for Nigel continually walking in the way and getting knocked down by the feet of the guy being spun.
  • Opinions may differ, especially those feeling that humor may handcuffed by PG guidelines. However, hearing Daniel Bryan tell AJ Lee that after defending his title against The Big Show, they "can...celebrate", made this viewer burst into laughter at the delivery. The forehead kiss wasn't bad, either.
  • His current Catchphrase of sorts, which Bryan breaks out whenever he wins a match, be it fairly or otherwise: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!
  • When girlfriend A.J. told him that she loved him, how does Daniel Bryan respond? By telling her that he appreciates that. It's all in the delivery.
  • After being told by Teddy Long he will be facing Randy Orton on the next weeks show of Smackdown, Bryan proceeds to leave the office, walk to the ring, all while having his Big "YES!" mantra, enter the ring and jump around the ring, before leaving again. All while Randy Orton was posing on the turnbuckle after winning his match! Orton looked rather confused at the interruption, as he had no idea about what Teddy had promised Bryan.
    • Almost equally funny was his coaching of A.J. in her first singles match in a while. When A.J. won the match, Bryan jumped up on the turnbuckle and started doing his classic celebration.
  • During a pre-match interview at WrestleMania XXVIII, Bryan gets A.J. to do his signature "YES! YES! YES!" celebration, to which she does, even running around Bryan and shouting "YES!" while holding the World Heavyweight title (which eventually wore her shoulder down due to the size of the belt).
  • The Raw following Wrestlemania XXVIII. Despite the bizarre 18 second loss to Sheamus, the crowd at both events clearly showed some support for Bryan by using his catchphrase. The night saw the crowd working "YES! YES! YES!" and "NO! NO! NO" chants into the show, from the Punk-Henry match (chanting every time Punk landed his kicks and punches) to Cena's promo (where he ended up leading a chant himself and told Bryan he owed him one). Perhaps the most hilarious instance was when Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio held a promo in the ring, the highlight was the "YES! YES! YES" chant turning into "SI! SI! SI!".
  • "A.J., Shut up"
  • The 4/16/12 edition of Raw had Bryan deciding to rename his LeBell Lock submission hold to the "YES!" Lock, complete with intense shouting of that certain three-letter declaration of joy.
  • Shared one with CM Punk, during their triple threat match with Kane at No Way Out, Punk and DBD get Kane down on his knees and start kicking him; Bryan delivering his signature "YES!" kicks to Kane's chest while Punk kicks him in the back; after a couple YES kicks, Punk starts shouting "NO!" with each of his kicks, and they go back and forth for a few moments, "YES!" "NO!".
  • His declaration that "Once you go Bryan, there's no point in tryin'.......AWWWWWWWWWWWWW YEAH!" during the 6/11/12 edition of Raw.
  • For supposedly being "over" A.J. Lee, the experience of her "yes"-ing back at him (when he tried to hold Smackdown hostage by his own "yes"-ing) was enough to lure him into a "yes-off" with her.
    • Also hilarious is the two were doing the "yes-off" both going into the break and coming out of it.
      Michael Cole: (sounding incredibly exasperated) They've been doing this the entire break.
    • After he finds that A.J. is the special guest referee, he noes his way to the back... only to on the July 9th RAW then "no" his way to the ring when A.J. proposed to CM Punk.
  • In trying to woo A.J. now that she was special guest referee for his WWE Championship match, after AJ said that Daniel Bryan's offering of a rose was "sweet," his arrogance gave him away when he answered: "Yes, yes it is."
  • Chris Jericho tries to out ham him with a his own Catch phrase
  • A.J. has Bryan undergo a psychiatric evaluation.
  • During his match with John Cena on the 08/06/2012 edition of Raw, Bryan gets in an up-close Yes and No exchange with a fan outside of the ring.
  • Punting "Little Jimmy" out of the ring. When R-Truth actually goes out to check and see if "he's" OK, Bryan lampshades how crazy this is.
    "You are consulting an imaginary child! And they say I'm the crazy one!"
  • Much like the previously-mentioned example during a match versus John Cena, Bryan once again gets into a "YES! YES! YES! NO! NO! NO!" shout-off with a fan on the 8/27/12 episode of Raw, this time leading to him actually losing to R-Truth in the process.
    • His anger management class, especially the part when blows up at the little boy with the goat mask.
      Daniel Bryan: I am HANDSOME!
      • Anger management part 2, was just as funny.
  • He and Kane having to hug. It's just as awkward as it sounds. Plus with The Miz making up the rules like it's an actually match, for added hilarity.
    • While the premise of the segment seems like it should be bad on paper, the crowd reaction to Bryan and Kane (and in Chicago, too) really adds to the moment.
    • Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Hug It Outnote .
    • The opening of the September 21st episode of Smackdown suggests that he's a jealous hugger, at thatnote .
      • And then when Edge and Kane realize that Bryan's having a fit, they invite him to join them and make it a group hug. Words can not do justice to the look of sheer childlike joy on Bryan's face at that pointnote .
    • After a match where he tagged with Kane and Randy Orton, they shared a celebratory group hug, more or less without Orton's permission. Orton's expression was priceless.
    Orton: I'm not much of a hugger.
    Bryan: Not yet you're not.
    • The original "Hug It Out" in ROH was a role-reversal, between Bryan (who adamantly did NOT want to hug anyone), and El Generico (who refused to compete in the match unless Bryan hugged him). The entire segment is wall-to-wall hilarious, including Bryan Corpsing multiple times, Generico being aghast at the signature Danielson chant ("you're gonna get your fucking head kicked in!"), the crowd starting a "SAY YOU'RE SORRY!" chant to Bryan, and demanding Bryan say it in Spanish.
  • He and Kane has now become the Tag Team Champions! Or as they put it, declared themselves the sole Champion of the Tag Team titles! Or as they put it:
    Daniel Bryan/Kane: I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!
  • Kane and Daniel Bryan reenact the scene from When Harry Met Sally.... Yes that one.
  • His arguments with Kane ending up in a YES vs NO with a third party getting involved.
  • Watch DBD follow Kane into the ring, everytime Kane does his ring pyro he just stands next to him with his hands in his ears. This is especially funny if you've ever seen North By North West.
  • On the 2012 Tribute to the Troops special, Bryan is met by Animal from The Muppets in a backstage segment, who gets into a YES!/NO! shout-off with him. After Animal leaves (but not before calling Bryan a goat face), a Muppet goat appears and wonders if Bryan is his "Cousin Daniel".
  • On the "Old School Raw" episode of Raw in 2013, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase was ringside with Team Hell No's opponents, the Prime Time Players. After Kane and Bryan soundly defeated their opponents, DiBiase did his old schtick with him stuffing a 100 dollar bill into the unconscious Darren Young's mouth. As DiBiase and Team Hell No leave, Bryan stops for a moment, shuffles back to the ring, and quickly swipes the money from Young and stuffs it down his trunks.
  • During their Wrestlemania 29 match for the Tag Team Championships, Dolph Ziggler decides to make fun of Bryan by making out with AJ Lee on the apron (a callback to what Bryan did last year, which cost him the match and the World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds). Bryan's response? Kick Ziggy's fucking head in. Which crosses into hilarious, because EVERYONE freaks out. Kane is hopping up and down on the apron, AJ Lee is frantically screaming "NO! NO! NO!", and the commentators are all shouting at once, with Michael Cole losing the ability to form words.
  • Daniel Bryan takes up commentary on the March 30 2013 episode of Saturday Morning Slam. He's such a big fan of bears that Josh Mathews can't help himself when Daniel witnesses a bear hug.
  • According to Daniel Bryan/B-Dazzle, Kane is super smelly!
  • As of November 22, 2013, Daniel Bryan is now 2-0 against bears.
  • The Slammy Awards on December 9, 2013, held in Bryan's hometown. During Triple H's attempt to cut his Championship Ascension promo, the crowd chants for their hometown hero, who can only grin sheepishly. Several of the wrestlers in the ring can be seen trying to keep their composure; Shawn Michaels tries to shush the crowd, Big Show doesn't even try to hide his grin. The announcers gleefully play it up on the commentary.
  • The Authority attempting to sic security on Bryan's "Occupy RAW" movement - they send two guys to remove Bryan & the legion of fans inside & surrounding the ring, who get halfway down the ramp before realizing how stupid the idea is & turning around. Then the Authority's next move is to just send out the participants for the next match; Damien Sandow comes out, and does the same thing.
    • Bryan's quote when security was on it's way to the ring was also priceless:
      Daniel Bryan: Uh oh! Here comes all two of them!
  • At the beginning of Raw 4/7/2014, Daniel comes to the ring to try and give his opening message. The crowd won't let him say anything because they're cheering his name and chanting 'Yes!'. Eventually he tells them he'll perform the Yes! arm movements one more time - but only because his arms are getting tired from doing it over and over.
    • When the crowd is chanting Bryan's name, he says "You guys never get tired do you." Cue Big "NO!".
    • Then Triple H interrupts, and we get this gem:
      Triple H: I'm not gonna step in this ring, Daniel Bryan, because I don't want to do something to you that I'm going to least not yet.
      Daniel Bryan: Oh, oh, wait wait wait, so let me get this straight. You're not gonna get in the ring? Hold on just a second...
  • The entire fight between Daniel Bryan and Kane on Extreme Rules 2014 was a Moment of Awesome, but near the end, Bryan had to get to an unconscious Kane from the parking lot back to the ring. To do that, he dragged Kane onto the forks of a forklift and drove it all the way back to the ring.
  • The pure Narm Charm in his interaction with Bo Dallas at Money In The Bank '14 - ending with calling Bo a BO-ner. (Don't snicker. Okay. Snicker.) And thus, Daniel Bryan drew a "BO-NER!" chant for the second time in his wrestling career. (See above.)
    • Before that, his shushing the crowd to speak results in a Big "NO!".
  • During WWE Countdown on the Network, the particular subject of that countdown was the biggest crybabies. To no one's surprise, Batista was number one. Bryan mentioned that Batista was brought in to be the hero, but no one wanted to see Batista as the hero, they wanted "someone different." He then proceeded to look into the camera, as if to say, "I think we all know what I mean when I say that!"
  • He (along with a few other wrestlers) were on Smosh Games prior to WM 31. Bryan did almost no action in-game. And he still won.
  • Tough Talk 7/4/15. He's sitting at the panel alongside Paige and Hulk Hogan, directly next to Hogan in particular.note  Well, at the 15:41 point, Daniel Bryan says this to two of the Tough Enough contestants who've just been convinced to cut a promo on each other:
    Bryan: "What I wanna see is that you guys are having a match this Sunday at Battlefield."
    • Cue Paige and contestant Patrick correcting Bryan note , leading to a facepalm as everyone promptly starts ribbing him for the gaffe.note 
  • While his announcement for retirement was a major Tear Jerker for everyone in WWE, he mentions at one point he wants to have a chance to settle down and have kids with his wife. This erupts in a series of "YES! YES! YES!" chants. Then Daniel delivers this gem:
    Bryan: "That's what Brie says all the time!" *cue the crowd immediately chanting "That's what she said!"*
    • The best part is that Daniel has this utterly Adorkable grin on his face when he says it.
  • On the 8/2/16 episode of WWE SmackDown, Bryan confronts The Miz backstage to tell him about a #1 contender's match for Miz's Intercontinental Championship between "Baron Corbin, Apollo Creed, and Kalisto."note 
    • What makes it funnier is that Shane McMahon and Miz's wife Maryse are also there yet no one even reacts.note 
  • His story about how Sheamus & Ted DiBiase Jr. interrupted the first time he & Brie Bella were going to have sex. After lying to his fellow wrestlers so that he could get out of going to dinner with them (so he could take Brie out on their own), as they went back to their hotel room, Teddy & Sheamus busted in through the door, angering Bryan. He got up, butt naked to try and kick DiBiase, who avoided the kick like "he was in the matrix", while Sheamus drunkenly patted Brie on the head and kept muttering "aww fella"!
  • On the opening of the 12/13/16 episode of Talking Smack, Bryan asks Renee Young if she remembers the iconic Smackdown fist set used from 2001–08, before ending the sentence with "Man...Smack Down is really into fisting". Yes, you read that correctly. Renee's reaction really sells it.
  • On the 2/7/17 episode of Talking Smack, he claimed that, in the men's locker room, memetic Jobber James Ellsworth (who was in a kayfabe relationship with Carmella) was known as "Big Hogsworth" and went on about how they all talked to him that way. Co-host Renee Young absolutely lost her shit during the whole thing.
    • The show ends with them plugging the upcoming Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View, and Bryan says it's sponsored by Tout.
  • SummerSlam 2017: Daniel Bryan runs up to Kurt Angle and talk about whose show is better: Raw or SmackDown Live, the segment ends with Angle mocking Bryan's "YES!", to which Bryan responds with "NO!", and Angle responds with another "YES!", prompting Bryan to respond with another "NO!" like two children arguing, ad infinitum. This is a Call-Back to Bryan's days with Kane as part of Team Hell No.
  • During the announcements of the pair ups for the Mixed Tag Challenge, it was announced that Jimmy Uso is teaming up with Naomi. The room goes dark and Naomi's music plays and we assume that she's dancing around Jimmy (but it's actually Daniel). Jimmy (thinking it's Naomi) picks Daniel up, then Naomi walks in and compliments Daniel for wearing Naomi's gear.
  • Daniel Bryan's recent reunion with Kane. Daniel hasn't forgotten about Kane's evil deeds back then, to which he replied that he's always watched his (Daniel's back), to which Daniel denies and Kane defends, leading to another "YES!"/"NO!" back-and-forth argument.
  • This tweet from Daniel Bryan. It Makes Sense in Context.note 
    Mr Small Package strikes again! Watch out @AJStylesOrg! #MrSmallPackage
  • This tweet from Daniel Bryan to Kofi Kingston, after the latter lost the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar in 5 seconds. While it is both sad and sweet at the same time, the last bit, however, is none of that.
    #ThankYouKofi for giving me one my favorite career moments. Sad to see his reign end the way it did. I lost my first WHC in 18 seconds, and came away more determined (and angry!) because of it. I’m sure @TrueKofi will do the same. Respect... Always. BUT #StillMadYouBeatMeExplanation 
  • On the 10/23/20 episode of WWE SmackDown, Daniel Bryan celebrating backstage with Kevin Owens and The Street Profits. Daniel Bryan did a fist bump and said "FIST ME BOYS!" Kevin Owens broke Kayfabe by spitting out water and kneeling down, while the Street Profits were confused at first.
  • Following on the success of 2 Fast 2 Fuego on Dark, the 30th November 2021 episode saw the debut of the mysterious Infinito, a wrestler whose entire body except for his hands was completely covered by his costume, in a match against Ray Jazz. While the disguise was much less paper-thin this time, there was a certain hilarity to the fact that almost EVERYONE already knew in advance that under the mask was Bryan Danielson, just taking some time out from his main event feud against Hangman Page to mess around. Poor Ray Jazz got completely schooled, with Infinito winning the bout by hitting him with a truly ridiculous Airplane Spin (one of Danielson's old signature moves) that lasted for so long that when he finally put Jazz down he was so dizzy that Infinito was able to simply roll him up for an easy pin, after which Jazz simply fell out of the ring.
  • At the end of the Mox vs. Danielson match at Revolution 2022, the two immediately tear into each other, only to have William Regal march into the ring and slap the both of them like a pair of rowdy schoolboys. The image of Regal disciplining Mox and Danielson like his bratty sons is both awesome and hilarious, especially since Danielson was laughing like a smug sibling before he got the next slap.