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Tear Jerker / Billy Talent

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  • "Nothing To Lose".
  • "The Navy Song".
  • "Surrender" can be this for people who take the song's theme of Unrequited Love very personally.
  • "Devil On My Shoulder", with all the hardship the narrator endured.
  • "Saint Veronika" can be this to those who have experienced suicidal thoughts or have attempted in the past. The song is about begging the titled Veronika to stay alive after attempting suicide.
  • "White Sparrows" seems like it's about a break-up, but then it gets to the chorus and it's revealed that the narrator's mourning the death of his girlfriend. The bass and guitar doesn't help.
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  • Some people refuse to even listen to "Cure For the Enemy" because it depresses them so much. The song is about a father dying and the son, who had a horrible relationship with him their whole lives, trying to fix everything that ruined their relationship. It would be a Heartwarming Moment, but considering it's a last fix-up, it's devastating.
  • "Swallowed Up By The Ocean". A Break Up Song to break your heart.
    The bluest skies turn into gray
    Through tortured eyes I watched you change
    A paradise went up in flames
  • "Dead Silence", especially:
    And the world will survive
    If we stand side by side
    One day hope will arrive
    Now I must say goodbye
  • "Chasing The Sun":
    I curse the mistakes that we'll never make,
    The pictures of trips that we'll never take.
    And all of these thoughts, they keep me awake.
    Hang on to your heroes before it's too late.
    Cause there'll come a time when you open your eyes and they're gone.
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  • "Rabbit Down The Hole" seems to be about losing a loved one to drug addiction.

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