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Tear Jerker / Ask Fluffle Puff

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  • is a Downplayed example: Fluffle just wants some tissues, nothing more.
  • EG pt 2 throws in a case of Reality Ensues. Chryssi is pretty much shunned by society, "lives" in a condemned house and only has a presumably broken fridge for "food".
  • "The End", a fan video, has Fluffle come across the statue of the Legion of Doom, with Chrysalis being part of it. This heavily implies that, in spite of being generally tolerated and welcomed by the ponies, having an endless supply of love and a home... Chrysalis fell back into her truly villainous ways like her canon counterpart and had to be stopped. The final shot is Fluffle sitting by the statue, waiting for her queen. All that's needed to truly break all our hearts is I Will Wait For You by Connie Francis to play over it.

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