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  • "Chrysmas Special" is one big Heartwarming moment. Fluffle Puff wants to play with Chrysalis out in the snow. However, Chrysalis is too cold (probably due to having no hair except the hair on her head, rather than the warm coats of the ponies). Fluffle goes to Rarity's boutique for a coat (and maybe a hat and gloves too), but leaves without buying anything, but not without leaving gifts for Rarity (her sister Sweetie Belle), Dan (his cat Mr. Mumbles from his "home universe", Dan Vs., notable in that this is one of the few times he genuinely smiles), and of course, Chrysalis (a hat, coat, and boots made entirely out of Fluffle Puff's fur). Chrysalis goes out into the snow and has an excellent time, with the freshly-shorn Fluffle happily watching from inside, wrapped in the blanket Chrysalis was under. At the end of the day, Chrysalis hugs Fluffle, whispering a heartfelt "Thank you" in her ear.
    • Keep in mind, also, that Chrysalis spent most of her time outside throwing snowballs at ponies - and not necessarily in the "fun" way, either, as she completely crushes ponies with snow on more than one occasion. She then sees all the mane six building a snowman and looks ready to jump in and screw it up...then she looks back and sees Fluffle waving at her from the library. Scene cut to Chrysalis giving the aforementioned hug, rather than messing with the snowman after all.
  • The ending of "EG". Throughout the episode, Chrysalis has had her classmates run in fear from her, while at the same time, Fluffle Puff has been chewing on paper. However, at the end, it's revealed that Fluffle Puff has been chewing the paper into the shape of a heart to give to Chrysalis. Written on it is "Dear Chryssi, I made you this cause I love you! (I'm not allowed to use scissors) xoxo ~Fluffle Puff . Aww.
    • The sequel video continues the heartwarming, particularly when Fluffle Puff, on seeing Chrysalis has nothing in her fridge, practically drags her back to her place to feed her.
      • And even better, Fluffle turns out to be one heck of a cook, whipping up a steak cut in the shape of a heart!
    • The third "EG" video shows Fluffle not only showing Chryssi a good time (and explaining why she can't use scissors- they make her hair fall out), but sleeping on the couch so Chryssi can sleep in her bed. At the video's end, Chrysalis turns the lights on, finds the heart-chewed paper from the first part, and cuts a picture of the two of them into a heart-shaped picture frame. She shows it to Fluffle, and then even hugs her, which causes Fluffle to cry Tears of Joy.
  • The Changelings not wanting to go along with Chrysalis' plan because they've been fully accepted into Ponyville society.
    • ...Followed closely by Fluffle Puff trying to cheer up Chrysalis by telling her that everybody else can appreciate her for what she is, and that Chryssi will always be the queen of her heart.
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  • Movie Night with Chrysalis. It's every bit as heartwarming as the movie itself.
  • "I wanted to give you my heart..."
  • Special Someponies. This Valentine's Day special is so adorable it almost hurts.
  • FP's spooky big sis leaving a message on the wall. Helpfully translated by Fluffle Puff.
    Fluffle Puff: She says you're really pretty and is proud of me.
  • Fluffle Puff has a rather bad day (some of her fur eaten by Pinkie Pie, laid on by a muddy Applejack, treated as a toy by the CMC, and thrown in the trash by Dash after the latter mistakes her for one of Discord's cotton candy clouds while she's sitting in a tree). Chryssi finds her huddled in a corner, upset after her day... So she joins Fluffle Puff in a well-deserved bubble bath in a tub filled with rubber ducks.
  • Heartwarming background event in Electric Floofaloo: We see that, to the right of her framed picture of The Black Marker is a poem Fluffle gave to Chrysalis.
    Roses are yummy
    The sky is blue
    I've never loved a pony
    As much as I LOVE YOU!
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  • While the announcement that the Fluffle Puff blog is ending is sad, Mixermike not only thanked the fans for the support given to him and the blog through the years, but also announced that this will not be the end of Fluffle Puff. Instead, he's going to retool the concept into his own original web animation series, while also bringing in retooled versions of Fluffle Puff, Chrysalis {Who will be renamed Chryssi} and Marksaline. To make things even better, he's also confirmed that the tone will be similar to the aforementioned heartwarming EQG shorts.


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