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  • In one video, Discord (post-reformation) attempted to…well…"Discord" her behind Fluttershy's back. She was unaffected the first time, and needed several rapid-fire attempts for it to actually work. Even then, all that happened was she became a pink version of Nightmare Moon. And then smashed Discord's face with a rock before returning to normal. Yup, she's highly-resistant to brainwashing.
  • Master of Pillows. Basically one huge Pillow Fight with Fluffle Puff escalating her attacks to where she uses an Orbital Pillow Cannon on Princess Celestia.
    • And then there's the whole Fun Cave ending...
  • Chryssi and Big Sis teach Gilda not to mess with FP.
  • On a somewhat more meta level is Attack on Bughorse. While it's yet another parody of the first opening to Attack on Titan, it's a surprisingly well done one, particularly the Art Shift near it's end where it shifts into a style akin to the anime's. It's a wonderful display of the animator's skill.

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