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Being... Fluffle Puff, it's surprising if there was something scary.

  • Orbital. Pillow. Cannon.
  • Fluffle Puff meets Iron Will.
  • The PFUDOR video, especially when Fluffle Puff is dancing on Rainbow Dash's head
    • The trivia bit is also quite amusing.
  • Fluffle tries to use an electric razor to shave her fur off. It doesn't work. Her solution? A chainsaw.
  • CHAINSAW.NOPE lampshades how Juliet Starling sounds like Twilight Sparkle. Just imagine anything Juliet says being said by Twilight.
  • Chrysalis brags about taking over the throne. Cut to Twilight, Luna and Celestia just hanging around reading and eating cake. Luna's bored/exasperated expression really sells the scene in particular, with an "it's way too early in the day for me to be dealing with this" vibe.
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  • The worst possible thing for Fluffle Puff? Out of cookies.
  • During April Fools, Chrysalis pranks Fluffle Puff by pretending to be her and snuggling. She then hisses at her and drops the disguise…only for Fluffle to actually be Princess Celestia in a bodysuit.
  • Luna actually Chrysalis has a bear trap on her butt!
  • Pretty much all of "Murry Burthmis".
  • Did we Miss Something?
  • FP hiding her sister from some Necromorph hunting throwing a sheet over her. It works, oddly enough.
  • One of Chrysalis' costumes is a xenomorph. What caps it off is her inner jaw is another Fluffle Puff blowing raspberries.
  • Fluffle Puff's various names for "Big Sis". Such as Marky, Marksalis, Sammich and Marksaline the Necromorph Queen.
  • Princess Swap Day.
  • Horse, M.D., as one might expect from Fluffle and company doing a parody of House.
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  • In the third EG video, we actually see Fluffle Puff looking unusually miffed when she gets to sleep together with Chrysalis...who hogs the bed and snores.
  • Fluffle Puff ends up being sent to the world of Steven Universe. Where she blows raspberries, resulting in Steven blowing raspberries. Then Amethyst shapeshifts into a purple Fluffle Puff who blows raspberries. Then Garnet blows a raspberry. Cue Greg walking into the house to Fluffle Puff, shapeshifted Amethyst, and a likewise shapeshifted Garnet blowing raspberries to the tune of the Steven Universe theme. And Pearl is royally ticked about the whole thing. Cue Greg Passing the Chiiiips.
  • Attack on Bughorse has it's moments, particularly the end. Turns out Fluffle isn't nearly as skilled with the 3D Maneuver Gear as she'd like to think.
  • My Little Foody... The goofy sounds the food creatures make, and their random-as-fuck behavior is bound to get a laugh out of you.
    • The Cheesesteak honks like a car horn. Yes.
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    • The Ice Cream spider, making squeaks (and snatching up Fluffle like a claw-machine prize, then swinging like a pendulum to capture Chryssi).
    • The concept alone: Fluffle adopts a crap ton of adorable food animals.
    • There's also: Corn, a Sandwich, a Taco, Lasagna, Hot Dog, Philly Cheesesteak (Mixermike lives in Philly), and Cheeseburger.
    • The Sandwich is one of Fluffle's Chi-puff-le sandwiches.
    • The final foody? a Sergeant-themed Watermelon, complete with Fluffle performing a Military Salute.
    • The description: "I like food".
    • Also, the fact that Fluffle treats them like toys (including literal variants of The Chew Toy) rather than sentient beings.
  • "Playing a little dress-up, are we?"
  • Electric Fluffaloo.
    • Especially considering when Fluffle tries to shock Chryssi after getting herself all charged up, Chryssi and Marksaline are seen shaking their heads "no". Then we see Fluffle with Marksaline next to her and they nod their heads "yes". Pick a side, Big Sis!


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