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Suspiciously Specific Denial / Advertising

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  • A famous ad run during a break of the 81st Annual Academy Awards shows Tom Cruise and Jimmy Kimmel escape from a burning house. Kimmel immediately says he hopes Cruise doesn't think he burned Cruise's house down as part of a plot to get him to do Kimmel's next show. Cruise sees through the denial and tricks Kimmel into going back into the house to rescue a nonexistent cat.
  • Several tourism commercials for New Orleans and Florida reference the Gulf oil spill. One even insisted that "everything's normal" right after showing a bowl of shrimp.
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  • From an Australian radio ad for a home redesign company with a running joke about the crew resembling The Smurfs:
    Guy 1: ...and the carport's clearly a winner. How'd you do it?
    Guy 2: Well, with my talent, my skill...
    [odd background noise]
    Guy 2: Shush!
    Guy 1: What was that?
    Guy 2: It was not a team of Smurfs who helped me.
  • Sainsbury's Still Table Water is "definitely not tap water".
  • Commercials for Wendy's end with the tagline, "It's not fast food. It's Wendy's." They never say what Wendy's is if it's not fast food (which it is).
  • Commercials for White Castle starting in 2012 claim they don't sell hamburgers, but actually sell "sliders". Right.
  • Any time a commercial says "Real people, not actors", usually they are actors as if actors aren't real people.
  • Thisis definitely NOT a Christmas commercial from Kmart.
    • Likewise This is NOT a back-to-school themed commercial also from Kmart!


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