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Turks is an American TV show that ran on CBS for 13 episodes in 1999. It centered around the Turk family, headed by Chicago police sergeant Joe Turk (William Devane) and his wife Mary (Helen Carey). They have three sons: Mike (David Cubitt), a detective married to Erin (Sarah Trigger) and with a young son, Mark; Joey (Matthew John Armstrong), a beat cop; and Paul (Michael Muhney), who was supposed to be in college but was secretly working the stock exchange.

The show attempted to balance police procedural with family drama.

Tropes used by the series:

  • But I Can't Be Pregnant!: Mary toward the end of the series, though she subsequently miscarries. Considering the character was in her 50's, it was pretty unexpected, if not downright miraculous.
  • Cliffhanger: The series ends as Joey enters an abortion clinic that blows up.
  • Everyone Is Armed: In the first episode some crooks try to rob the bar all the cops hang out at.
  • The Mistress: Joe had Ginny
  • Straight Gay: Cliff. The audience and his police partner, Mike, don't even learn he's gay till the final episode.
  • Stupid Crooks: The first episode opened with two crooks attempting to rob a cop bar. Leads to a Funny Moment when, as they are about to leave, someone calls out to them. They turn around and discover everyone in the bar, except for the bartender and the waitress, is holding a badge and a gun.