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A Canadian reality documentary series broadcast by Discovery Channel Canada, following the explosive adventures of a Quebec-based fireworks company known as GFA - a little company trying to rise to the top of the pyrotechnics industry.

This show provides examples of

  • Dramatic Irony: At a competition in Berlin where the GFA crew believes that the other teams aren't playing fair, they end up learning the next day that they misinterpreted a rule stating that shells that do not contain any effect (i.e. ones that just make noise) were forbidden. They had misinterpreted it, believing that they were okay if accompanied by visuals..
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  • Gratuitous French: The GFA crew happens to be bilingual.
  • MacGyvering: In "Barcelona Nights". Philippe makes a poor man's firing board using a piece of wood, wiring, nails, and a pack of AA batteries. Happens to be Truth in Television.
  • New Year Has Come: "Blame It On Rio" focuses on GFA's exploits on New Year's Eve, in both Quebec City and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Pyromaniac: Hughes Lalonde likes using fire. And we mean, "regular" fire.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: With a contract to do the Canada Day show in Ottawa on the line with a Canada Day show in Montreal, the DJ's laptop (which was supposed to play the show's musical backing) crashes at the most inopportune time, leading him to throw in just a random CD that isn't synced with the display.
  • Unfortunate Item Swap: In a competition against a company from the U.K. in Blackpool, the speaker wiring got mixed up and were playing the time codes for the show instead of its music (the CD had both that and the music on two channels). While it did get fixed, the music operator ended up restarting the CD from the beginning instead of trying to fast forward to when they stopped the show to fix the mix-up, leading to very awkward (and literal) Dead Air

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