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"The following is an important announcement..."

Nick Studio 10 is a Nickelodeon afternoon programming block that lasted from February 18, 2013 to June 17, 2013.

Troy Doherty, Noah Grossman, Malika Samuel, and Gabrielle "Gabby" Senn make random humorous videos and do stunts and skits in between Nickelodeon shows. Additionally, the block interrupts Nickelodeon shows to bring you short, weird gags and jokes that only last a few seconds before returning back to the show.

The block went on hiatus for the summer season and has not returned since, leaving the afternoon programs unhosted.

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Nick Studio 10 provides examples of:

  • The Cameo: Features cameos of other Nickelodeon actors in a couple segments.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: The whole "interrupting shows" routine only lasted for the first few weeks of the block and then the interruptions went away.
  • Gender-Equal Ensemble: It includes two male hosts, Troy Doherty and Noah Grossman, and it includes two female hosts, Malika Samuel and Gabrielle "Gabby" Senn.
  • Moonwalk Dance: In one interruption, an astronaut does a moonwalk on the moon.
  • Toilet Humor: The song "Fart in a Jar", which is about exactly what you think it is.
  • Visual Pun: In one interruption, an astronaut does a moonwalk on the moon.
  • We Interrupt This Program: Nick Studio 10 interrupts episodes of other Nickelodeon shows to bring you "important announcements" that are actually just random gags.


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