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This Reality Show aired on the The History Channel in 2013. The show chronicles the daily activities at Max Motors, a small-town car dealership run by Mark Muller with his business partner, brother, (and radio host) Erich "Mancow" Muller. The show is filmed in and around the rural town of Butler, Bates County, Missouri, which is in the southern portion of the Kansas City metropolitan area. Mark Muller retired from his consulting business at age 42 and moved from Kansas City to Butler but soon became bored with retirement and established the business in Butler in 2006, naming it for his first son, Max.


Mancow Muller (Mark's younger brother) has been a silent partner in the various business enterprises for years but recently began taking a more active role — sometimes leading to conflict. The show frequently features the conflict arising from their differing lifestyles (Mancow seeing things from his Chicago-based urban perspective, while Mark approaches his business based on his rural lifestyle) and Mancow's dislike of the "outlaw" personalities that Mark hires as salespersons (Mark wanting to hire people that no one else will, in order to give them a "second chance").


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