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"Si vis votum, para bellum."Latin 

Si Vis Votum is an RPG created by Stratofarius.

The story is about alternate versions of already existing characters being taken to a starship known as the Votum by a mysterious being named "the Voice". The Voice tells them that they are now part of a hunt for a Wish, a creature that will be able to grant them any wish that they desire. But in order to find this magical creature, they have to travel through the worlds that it visited, picking up hints and clues, so they can locate and capture it. But what is the true story behind the Wish, the hunt and the Voice?


Currently, the RP has four 'arcs', which include:

  • The Introduction: In which the first batch of characters are introduced, the setting (The Starship Votum) is explored, and the driving force behind the plot (The Wish) is discussed.
  • The Flames of War: The first real adventure of the current Votum crew, set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Notable events during this arc include Prince Sokka & Pit becoming friends, Hazama's willingness to kill sparking a feud between him and the Doctor, and a death that affects everyone in some way and reveals how dangerous the Wish Hunt truly is.
  • Mysteries and Mutiny: The end of the previous segment has led to Prince Sokka, Pit, and Hazama planning to remove the Doctor from his position as Captain, new people arrive, the Votum is revealed to have existed for longer than previously thought, and The Guest is first introduced.
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  • Songs from Skid Row: The current 'arc', in which the crew explores a quaint little flower shop with a horrible secret.

The RPG is located here, you can talk about it here, and you can sign-up here.

There is a character page here.

This RPG contains the following tropes

  • Alternate Universe: all of the characters come from alternate universes. Some come from different timelines, some from worlds that merged with the others, and some are simply genderbent versions of the original characters.
  • Home Base: The Starship Votum.
  • It Runs on Nonsensoleum: Apparently, the Votum has an infinite drive, which allows it to have infinite rooms. It also has mind-reading corridors.
  • Robot Buddy: the Trons. They also double as robot do-it-alls. There's Butlertron, Nursetron, Maidtron, Barmantron, and many, many others.
    • And now Rob-0, the little robot Scott found in the Western Air Temple.

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