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Capto Iugulum is a Play-by-Post Game at the Never Ending Stories (NES) board of the Civilization Fanatics Forums, located here. It started in April of 2012 and ran for over a year before coming to a close at the end of 2013.

Capto Iugulum contains examples of:

  • Dirty Communists: The dominant left-wing ideology of Capto Iugulum's world is called Proletarism, which has similarities with but is not identical to our world's communism (for one, it is far less authoritarian). Scandinavia is the primary proletarist power, and other proletarist states controlled the American South, Jamaica, and Ecuador at various times, although it never reaches the influence or power communism did in real life. "Social Proletarism" (a more moderate strain, somewhat akin to social democracy) is far more popular, and becomes the major ideology of left-wing political parties in many countries, Vinland being the most prominent example.
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  • Divided States of America: The United States after the Scottist regime collapses spectacularly. Jacksonia [California] and Florida (actually in Texas) break away as independent republics, and stay independent. Most of the American South gets taken by revolting proletarist blacks and eventually becomes the United Proletarist Republics of America. The rest gets split among a rump United States, other republics in New England and in the Great Lakes region, and numerous warlord states in the West. All of the latter gets reunited under a "Second Union" within a few years, and the United States remains a secondary power, albeit much reduced in strength.
  • Modern Mayincatec Empire: The Aztec Empire in fact survives into the 19th century before being conquered by Spain and the United States. In the 20th century, there exists a Mayan Republic (also known as Mayaland) in real life Yucatan and Guatemala, as well as Aztlan, which encompasses most of real life Mexico.
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  • Oppressive States of America: Scottist America was definitely this, with the military controlling all aspects of society, the practice of slavery expanding into industry and lasting into the 20th century, even harsher Indian Wars, and much of the west ruled by generals via "Military Districts."
  • Vestigial Empire:
    • The United States of America that (re-)coalesces after the collapse of the Scottist regime has lost almost half its territory. However, it remains an international presence, and in the 1930s launches a bid to regain what it has lost.
    • Spain in 1900 was a world power with perhaps the greatest colonial empire on Earth. A large portion of it was lost in the Great War, then the disastrous civil war following it, and after losing a war with newly unified Germany in the 1920s, even parts of mainland Spain (the Basque Country, Catalunya, Galicia) gain independence.
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    • Kongo. The country itself (the former Scandinavian colonies in Africa) is where the Scandinavian Emperor fled to after the Proletarists took power back home, making it a vestigial empire of Scandinavia. Then, in the 1920s, first Abyssinia, then the entire rest of East Africa broke away in a somewhat messy collapse, leaving Kongo as the Vestigial Empire of a Vestigial Empire.


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