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Formula Racer is an Adobe Flash video game by Turbo Nuke released in 2011. It's a Racing Game in which you race other people in Formula 1 cars. While you're racing, a boost meter builds up and can be released for a boost of speed. This is one of the few games utilising Flash that is 3D.

The game has a sequel titled Formula Racer 2012, released in... well, 2012. It has some graphical improvements, three classes of vehicles, twelve new tracks, and a slightly changed upgrade system.

Compare American Racing, another 3D Racing Game series by the same developer.


This game provides examples of:

  • Achievement System: The first game has 24 achievements, the second has 16. You can earn them for things like winning a race with wrong tires, getting in the top 5 without hitting other cars, reaching 268 mph, and so on.
  • Annual Title: Formula Racer 2012, released in that same year (the previous game didn't have the year in the title).
  • Cash Gate: You need to pay money to unlock new tracks to race on and new classes.
  • Character Customisation: You can pick one of 10 paintjobs for the car.
  • Chromatic Arrangement: In the sequel, the cars for the class selection menu are the following: Class 1 is blue, Class 2 is green, and Class 3 is red. This is done to show a difference in speed.
  • Dump Stat: It's typically better to max out Engine plus Handling and ignore Boost, as it's situational and provides help even at 0%.
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  • Every Car Is a Pinto: The car. If it crashes in the first game, it explodes. In the second game, it turns into a chain of explosions.
  • Level-Map Display: The sequel has a minimap in the top-right corner which displays the position of you and other racers.
  • No Plot? No Problem!: Neither of the games have a plot for why you're racing.
  • No Stat Atrophy: Averted. You can't max out all stats for your car, so for example at level 1 you can have 40% Engine, 10% Handling, and 10% Turbo but if you try to increase Handling or Turbo your Engine and likely the other stat will drop.