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  • Discworld fan fiction writer A.A. Pessimal exported Tom Sharpe's setting - the city of Piemberg - and a selection of its characters to the South African Expy on the Discworld. as he figured something as crazy, farcical and black- humoured as Sharpe's South Africa deserved its tribute in a pastiche of Terry Pratchett.

  • Pratchett himself may also have used the Piemberg Police Force as part of the background reading for the characters of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch. Captain Findthee Swing, in Night Watch Discworld, is an equally nightmarish play on the idea of Liutnant Verkramp and shares a lot of his obsessions with precisely measuring criminality and "impurity" in people he arrests; Swing is also a methodically deranged secret policeman with crazy character quirks. Who uses state-sanctioned torture to force confessions from political suspects. And Konstabel Els is a Nobby Nobbs shorn of any redeeming virtues, one who went seriously to the bad.

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