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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 96 Borrowed Words

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As Yuya and Jack prepare to begin their duel, Roget orders his Security forces to stop the duel. With the guards protecting the Duel Palace retreating inside to fight the Lancers, Commons swarm inside. The Lancers defeat Security, and the Commons move to attack the Tops citizens sheltering in the palace, but Jack calls out to them that he won't allow them to sully the palace with violence while he and Yuya are about to duel. Roget, laughing, decides to allow them to duel after all.


The two prepare to start, and Yuya asks Jack if he's going to announce how many turns it will take him to win. This angers Jack, who accuses Yuya of insulting all the duelists he's defeated to get this far by not taking the duel seriously. Yuya replies that he carries the feelings of all his opponents with him, and Jack replies he should then stand proud, worthy to face the King. The duel begins and Jack takes the first turn, Synchro Summoning "Red Wyvern" as in his first duel with Yuya. Yuya realizes Jack is expecting to see how Yuya has grown, and Pendulum Summons "Timesword Magician." He uses uses its effect to double its ATK to 2800, and then Normal Summons "Entermate Radish Horse."

Yuya eyes "Smile World" in his hand, and vows to show his parents his dueling. Yuya calls out "Ladies and gentlemen" to the crowd, and activates Smile World to show them the Entertainment Duel he believes in. Smile World raises the ATK of all monsters on the field by 100 for each monster on the field, bringing Red Wyvern to 2700, Timesword Magician to 3100, and Radish Horse to 800. Yuya then uses Radish Horse's effect to target a monster with more than 2500 ATK and lower its ATK by Radish Horse's ATK, then increase another monster's ATK by the same amount; Red Wyvern's ATK drops to 1900 and Timesword Magician's raises to 3900.


Yuya declares an attack with Timesword Magician, telling Jack this is his dueling now. Jack snaps that Yuya is too conceited, and activates his Trap's "King's Synchro." Since Yuya just attacks a Synchro monster on Jack's Field, that attack is negated and Jack can perform a Synchro Summon with that monster and a Tuner in his Graveyard by banishing them. He tunes Red Wyvern with "Red Resonator" and summons "Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light." Yuya ends his turn with nothing left to play, and his ATK-changing effects wear off. Jack yells that Yuya is so focused on what he wanted to achieve with Smile World that he's neglected his dueling, and he only speaks with words borrowed from others. Jack calls for Yuya to speak to Jack with his own words.

At this time the two encounter Roget's Duel Chasers, waiting with 3 Goyo Emperors each, a total of 15. Battle Royale mode begins, and a Goyo Emperor attacks Radish Horse. Yuya finds the Action Magic "Evade" to negate the attack, and another Goyo Emperor attacks. This time, Jack uses "Connect Red" to end the Battle Phase and decrease the ATK of all enemy monsters by 500. Jack tells Yuya that chasing after his father's dreams blindly is why he's a second-rate duelist, and begins his turn. Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Light's effect activates to destroy all enemy monsters. The Goyo Emperors are destroyed in a blast of fire, and the flames rush towards Yuya.


This episode contains the following tropes:

  • Badass Crew: The Lancers. Working together to defeat Security, even having a pose by the end.
  • Be Yourself: Jack's final lesson to Yuya is this. He is annoyed that Yuya continuously uses his father's dueling style and states that he wanted to hear Yuya's words not his father's.
  • Berserk Button: Jack's was pushed hard. He loathes those that do not understand value of dueling either by those that would rather kill(the Commons), those that would intervene in a duel(Jean) and those that do not use their own voice(Yuya).
  • Broken Pedestal: Yuya to Jack. Jack implies that he expected something from Yuya and hoped that their duel would prove it to him. But Yuya instead continues to use his father's dueling style, deeply angering Jack to the point of calling the duel a total waste of time.
  • Call-Back:
    • Yuya asks if Jack intends to do the same schtick as before, announcing how many turns it'll take him to beat Yuya.
    • Jack's first turn is almost the exact same as his first turn in the exhibition match against Yuya. It's even pointed out in-universe by Melissa Claire and noted by Yuya.
  • Cliffhanger: Ends on Jack using Red Demon's Dragon Scar-Right's effect to wipe out Security's monsters, with the flames heading for Yuya.
  • Heroic BSoD: Reira finally breaks out of his in this episode when he remembers Jack's words.
  • Leaning on the Fourth Wall: The "everyone has their own role" exchange between Chojiro and Sawatari, started when Sawatari complains about Yuya getting all the spotlight, sounds suspiciously like they're discussing roles in the actual series.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!": The Tops in the Duel Palace, when the Lancers wipe out Security and the Commons come barging in.
  • Mythology Gag: Two Turbo Duelists dueling on the highway when an enemy force interferes and turns it into a Battle Royale calls to mind 5Ds and the Diablo attack.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Jack gives a fair mix of this, Break Them by Talking, and What the Hell, Hero? to Yuya, saying that he hasn't learned a single thing as he still is using his father's Dueling style instead of his own and says this Duel was a waste of time.
  • The Resolution Will Not Be Televised: Averted. The TV Tokyo staff is forced to do two things: 1) delay the next episode so they could broadcast this episode for next week, and 2) re-schedule the upcoming episodes for the March 2016 (magazine scans included).
  • Schedule Slip: This episode is supposed to be aired on March 6th. However, due to the 2016 World Table Tennis Tournament, it is re-scheduled to March 13th instead. The episode guide for March 2016 is heavily affected as a result.
  • Shoot the Dog: Jack is not above calling Yuya a pathetic weakling who clings to the word "Duelist".
  • Sixth Ranger: At this point, Chojiro is a Lancer in all but name.
  • Stern Teacher: Jack gives off this feel. He always seems to be giving advice to Yuya, hoping to make him stronger. But at the same time he's not particularly kind to Yuya either.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Roget breakdown even further in this episode as shown by his eye twitch.
  • When He Smiles: Jack smiles at Reira when the latter overcomes his Heroic BSoD and performs a Synchro Summon to defeat a Security officer. After he does so, Reiji gives one as well.

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