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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 5 Aspiring Apprentice A Strange Fanboy Sora Shiunin

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After Yuya refuses to teach him, Sora decides to follow him around until he agrees. Yuya and Sora have a duel to decide if Sora will become Yuya's apprentice. Yuya initially gains an upper hand using Pendulum Summon, but Sora too has been holding back, and reveals his own trick: Fusion Summon, which he uses to combine his cute and cuddly stuffed animals with demon-possessed weapons into terrifying "Death-Toy (Frightfur)" monsters.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Deliberately Cute Child: Sora plays his cuteness to the hilt, charming the pants off of Yuya's mother, friends, and teachers alike.
  • Demonic Possession: Fusing Furnimal (Fluffal) and Edge Imp monsters is represented as this; the demon in the Edge Imp item takes control of the Fluffal and turns it into a monstrous version of itself .
  • Foreshadowing: The cards Sora discards to use Toy Vendor's effect are Fusion Recovery and Instant Fusion. It's not only a hint that Sora is a Fusion user a few turns before he activates them, but also shows he's holding back in the duel. The foreshadowing provided by his deck theme is a whole other story.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Sora acts ditzy and silly, but is actually a very skilled duelist.
  • Mum Looks Like a Sister: Played With. Sora pretends to confuse Yoko for Yuya's older sister to get in her good graces (she does look fine, though).
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  • She Is Not My Girlfriend: Sora thinks Yuya and Yuzu are dating, they both respond with this. But Yuya responded a little too strongly for Yuzu's tastes
  • Stalker Without a Crush: Sora's behavior to Yuya slips into this.

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