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Recap / The Smurfs S 4 E 4 Stop And Smurf The Roses

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By Season 4, the evil sorceress Chlorhydris was established as a formidable foe of the Smurfs, hating everything that is good and represents love. One of her favorite things to hate was flowers, and not just because she is highly allergic to them. She hates both the flowers and especially the tiny woodelf, Laconia, that helps vitalize the flowers every morning ... for no other reason other than she is young and incredibly beautiful, happy and represents everything that the bitter, aging and horrifically ugly Chlorhydris is not.

The two polar opposites collide when it's time to "Stop and Smurf the Roses."

Irritated by the very mere existence of Laconia — did we tell you yet that Laconia is the Smurfs' friend — Chlorhydris sets out to kill her. She realizes that flowers (there happens to be a copy of one of each known flower species in the grove where Laconia lives, which Laconia awakens each morning with her wand) are her life source and that by killing them, she can also kill Laconia. Through the use of an elf-eating snapdragon, she captures Laconia (along with Papa Smurf and Natural Smurf) and, after locking them in her lair, she kills off the flowers, causing Laconia to fall into a deep coma.

The other Smurfs realize what has happened and, upon being sucked up by the snapdragon and transported to Chlorhydris' lair, learn that Papa and Natural are being held captive, and that Laconia is in a near-death state. As the others return to the Smurf village to summon help from Laconia's insect friends, Chlorhydris is celebrating the success of her plan and is about to ice complete and total victory by destroying the magic wand, making the effects of her spell irreversible. But Chlorhydris celebrates too soon, as the insects (with the other Smurfs in tow) arrive to swarm her and force her to flee, dropping the magic wand as she finally jumps into the moat.

In the end, the Smurfs prepare for Laconia's funeral when Papa Smurf is able to reverse the effects of Chlorhydris' spell, causing the flowers to restore to full health and Laconia to awaken, also to full health. She hugs and kisses Natural in appreciation.

Tropes associated with this episode include:

  • Attending Your Own Funeral: Laconia's friends prepare a funeral for Laconia when Papa Smurf restores her wand in order to revive her.
  • Cute Mute: Laconia, in the latest in a series of recurring appearances.
  • Disney Death: Laconia, when she is revived in the final scene after having apparently died.
  • Dude, She's Like, in a Coma!: Only with the caveat that restoring flowers to full health will also allow Laconia to awaken.
  • Friend to All Living Things: Laconia. Chlorhydris is the very opposite.
  • Getting the Boot: Brainy at the end.
  • Just in Time: Literally an instant before she drops Laconia's wand into a boiling cauldron to destroy it and seal her death, the other Smurfs, with a little help from their insect friends, arrive to stop Chlorhydris.
  • Plot Allergy: Chlorhydris is allergic to flowers. Even so, viewers will find little sympathy for the villainess as she plots to destroy Laconia.
  • Too Happy to Live: Why Chlorhydris wants to kill Laconia.
  • Vile Villain, Saccharine Show: Chlorhydris and her desire to kill Laconia, for no other reason than pure malice and hate.