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Recap / The Outer Limits 1995 S 3 E 18 A Special Edition

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The Control Voice: Sometimes, to uncover that which is hidden, we must first be made to look.

A man appears on a talk show and tries to warn the people that the government is illegally cloning people.

The Control Voice: We rely upon others to inform us, but wisdom can never be taught... and we must always decide the truth for ourselves.

A Special Trope:

  • Alien Autopsy: Discussed. Dr. Avery Strong says, "This isn't an alien autopsy hoax. This is real!" regarding that evidence that he has gathered about secret government experiments.
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  • Clip Show
  • Cruel Twist Ending: A guy appears on a talk show to present evidence that the government is performing illegal cloning experiments. The government cuts off their signal and sends armed thugs into the studio. The guy, cast, and crew try to escape, but are eventually captured. A clone of the guy appears and gives a fraudulent report that "disproves" the guy's evidence. The clone mocks the protagonists, claiming that the masses are stupid sheep who believe anything they hear, so his fraudulent report is already making them forget the truth. The guy, cast, and crew are all shot to death by the clone.
  • Documentary Episode: The majority of this episode is presented as an episode of the Show Within a Show The Whole Truth which features an exposé of the secret experiments being conducted into genetic engineering, cloning, extending longevity and reviving the dead by the US government and companies working on its behalf.
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  • Kill and Replace: A television journalist interviews a man who claims to know of a conspiracy which replaced prominent figures with clones loyal to the creators. At the end of the episode, the "conspiracy nut" is killed, at which point the shocked host sees a duplicate of himself wearing the same clothes. The final scene is a report by the clone who dismisses the claims of the "nut" who has "killed himself".
  • Show Within a Show: The journalist Donald Rivers presents a news magazine show called The Whole Truth.

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