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Recap / The A Team S 3 E 24 Trouble Brewing

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A pair of sisters being pushed to sell their "health soda" company hire the A-Team to stop their attacker. The team quickly ramps up business with Face as an ad man and the competitors' own men tricked into delivering the orders. However, the competitor, Webb's Brewery, does not intend to go down without a fight.

This episode includes examples of the following tropes:

  • Camera Spoofing: Face and Murdock use the "Polaroid Punk" method to infiltrate Webb's office, taking a polaroid and putting it at the end of a metal rod a foot or so in front of the camera. It falls apart, literally, when the sticky tape holding the rod in place gives out.
  • Double-Meaning Title: The two words of the title can mean that trouble is afoot (which it most certainly is); however, the sisters who are the victims of the episode are part of a drink business. Hence, they're having trouble brewing.
  • Implied Death Threat: After the wreck that opens the episode, the villains tell the sisters that they may not survive another accident and should pay up while they can. Given that they were responsible for cutting their brake lines before they were going down a hill, they aren't kidding.
  • Meat Versus Veggies: One of the subplots of the episode. The sisters are somewhat interested in health (for instance, their "soda" is actually mostly fruit juice and they advise Hannibal to stop smoking), and Murdock becomes interested in it for the duration of the episode. He criticizes unhealthy practices of the team's other members and comes up with vitamin plans for them. B.A. is having none of this. When one of the sisters gives him a sandwich, he complains, "Where's the meat?" and when Murdock writes down a vitamin plan for him, he chews it up and eats it.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: An accidental example; Face sends the sisters to pay off their loan at the bank just before Hannibal and the others find out the the bank he sent them to is involved in the scheme to drive them out of business.
  • Vehicular Sabotage: In the beginning of the episode, the brakes to the van the sisters are driving give out while they're on a steep hill, and after the crash, they check the brake line and notice it's been cut.
  • Women Drivers: The villains' henchman refuse to admit that they had anything to do with the crash the sisters had, alleging that it's the driver's skills (being a female) that caused it.
  • Would Hit a Girl: The villains of the week will do anything to get their competitors to sell (or to punish them for not doing so), even cutting their brake lines or hauling them off at gunpoint.