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Recap / Strong Bad Email E 88 Couch Patch

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Airdate: Monday, November 10, 2003

Sender: Your Pal

After several failed attempts to get the Compy to print out a million dollar bill, Strong Bad gets an e-mail from his "pal", who wants to know the story "behiend" [sic] the patch on the couch in the basement. Strong Bad regales "Palbert" with the story of how he cut a hole in the couch in order to hide his "Aztec gold" (really a bag of old oil filters), only to unleash "a stench of Biblical proportions" that required the intervention of a hazmat team (in the form of the Poopsmith) and a fortune in Glade plug-ins to eliminate.


Strong Sad, on the other hand, recalls his own story of how a young Strong Bad thought Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis was a hot woman, and presumably used the couch patch to cover up his youthful folly. Homestar has his own tale to tell, but he's a bit confused and instead talks about spitting Teddy Grahams around.

Meanwhile, an anonymous witness (who is clearly Coach Z with his voice digitally altered) claims that the couch patch came about to cover up the fact that he puked into a hole in the couch after eating some bad gumbo Strong Bad made. Strong Bad, annoyed by the interruptions and the dispersions cast upon his cooking ("I didn't use no doo-doo meat!") decides to "go over there", but not before trying (and failing) to make Homestar's head explode with the Compy.



  • Angry Fist-Shake: Strong Bad shakes his fist while vaguely threatening "that guy" who claimed to have puked in his couch.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Homestar claims to be "the only one who remembers how it all went down", but instead of talking about the couch patch he talks about spitting Teddy Grahams on the ceiling.
  • Continuity Nod: After The Cheat's head explodes in an Easter egg, Homestar asks The Cheat if he did something to anger the Compy, like pour Mountain Dew all over it.
  • Imagine Spotting: The reason Strong Bad notices that Homestar's flashback is unrelated is that he can see in the flashback that the couch patch is already there.
  • Medium Awareness: After getting called out on having a flashback to something completely unrelated, Homestar replies "I thought this week's email was entitled 'Teddy Graham Memories'."
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  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Despite being hidden in shadows and having his voice digitally altered, Coach Z is instantly recognizable to the audience by his distinctive silhouette and accent.
  • "Rashomon"-Style: At least three different stories of how the couch patch came to be are related.
  • Snarky Inanimate Object:
    • Strong Bad's third attempt to print a million dollar bill results in the Compy telling him, "Cut it out, you."
      Strong Bad: What the—! Don't give me none of that cross-talk!
    • Strong Bad types in a command to make Homestar's head explode but the Compy says, "No can do." In an Easter egg, The Cheat's head explodes instead.
  • Your Head A-Splode: Strong Bad tries to get the Compy to make Homestar's head explode. It instead makes The Cheat's head explode, for some reason.


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