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Recap / Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Mission 06 "Epilogue"

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In this episode, Carmelita and Sly have been captured, and Bentley, Murray, and all of the previous ancestors all must work together to save them. The ancestors go around Le Paradox's blimp, each collecting the stolen cane for the next ancestor, after which, they are returned to their respective time period. After all of the canes are collected, "Tennessee Kid" Cooper shoots the container that holds Sly and Carmelita, releasing them, and then returns to the Wild West. A battle then takes place between Le Paradox and Sly, which destroys the blimp. The battle ends with Le Paradox stealing Sly's backpack, and in turn, all of his paragliders, and floating off of the destroyed blimp, but is immediately hit by a plane, causing him to fall to the waters below. Sly, on the other hand, is standing pensively on the doomed blimp...




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The Cooper Clan

When each of the ancestors finish their part in the level, they all disappear, having been put back to where they were from. Bentley describes it as the temporal abnormality correcting itself.

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