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Recap / Skip Beat Volume 19

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An explosion of energy! Actress Kyoko is on the scene!

Kuu and Lory can't stop meddling in Kyoko's and Ren's lives. While Kuu is impressed with Kyoko's talent, he knows that she will never be a great actress unless she can overcome her fatal weakness. And Lory knows that Ren's acting is likewise affected by his refusal to face his past. Can the two old-timers give their young protégés a much-needed kick in the pants, or will their plans blow up in their faces?!


This volume contains the chapters:

  • Act 109. "And Then Someone Stirs" note 
  • Act 110. "Clearing Up the Matter note 
  • Act 111. "Unfading Feelings note 
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  • Act 112. "Parent and Child Memorial Day note 
  • Act 113. "The Depth of the 5th Year note 
  • Act 114. "Kuon's Oath note 

Chapters in this volume provide examples of:

  • Becoming the Mask: Lory tells Ren that he needn't refer to Kuon as if he isn't in the room, but Ren would prefer to remain in his persona as Ren Tsuruga. Even around his father and Lory, who both know the truth about who he is. Ren does however agree to film a video for his mother as Kuon, to prove to her that he's alive and well in Japan.
  • Big Eater: Kuu Hizuri again. Kyoko bakes him an entire cake, which she knows he will be able to eat in one sitting.
  • Cut a Slice, Take the Rest: Inverted hilariously - Kyoko knows by now that Kuu is a Big Eater, so when she bakes him a cake she takes a single slice for herself and presents him with the remaining 90% of the cake as his portion.
  • Flower Motifs: It's a shoujo managa after all. Most chapters have a few instances of panel backgrounds filling with unexplained flowers.
  • Food Porn: The cake Kyoko bakes for Kuu is a gorgeous sponge cake with ladyfingers all around the exterior and perfectly sculpted swirls of frosting on top.
  • Happily Adopted: Sort of - Kuu tells Kyoko that she can call him "father," and that he'll consider her his child. Then he jets back off to America and disappears from her life, but it's made clear that both Kyoko and Kuu think the world of each other. Kuu even tells his wife Juliena that they have another "son" now, and he's invited her to visit him and Juliena in America any time.
  • Like a Son to Me: Overlaps with Happily Adopted — although Kuu already has a son who he loves very much (despite their estrangement), he calls Kyoko his "son" and tells her she can call him "father." He was won over by the combination of Kyoko's impossibly adorable (and accidentally accurate) take on "Kuon," and her own Parental Issues that bled through into her portrayal. Kyoko's lack of positive interaction with her own mother complimented the anxiety Kuu felt about not being there for his son when he needed support, and the whole situation appealed to the part of his identity that's tied up in being a parent.
  • Noodle People: Most characters in the series are drawn with excessively long arms and legs, but especially the prettyboys like Ren and Kuu who is are models/ actors.
  • Show Within a Show: Dark Moon is a type 1 example, where "characters are involved in the production of the show."
  • Third-Person Person: Whenever Ren Tsuruga talks about Kuon, it's almost always in third person, as if Kuon is a separate person from him. From Lory and Kuu's point of view, this makes Ren a Third-Person Person.


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