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Recap / Simple Samosa Episode 16 "Doctor D"

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Dhokla's friends are visiting as he's packing for a trip to another country, and before he heads off to the airport Samosa gives him his lucky sunglasses, Jalebi gives him a scarf, and Vada gives him a glove, all as goodbye gifts to him. Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada follow him to the airport to bid him farewell, and upon entering the plane Dhokla starts to post some updates on his social media about what he's seeing on his trip.


However, Dhokla starts to spam his messages about his visit to such a degree that Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada start to get fed up. After having to endure a sleepless night caused by the constant notification sounds on their phones, they decide to block Dhokla just as he's about to show them a picture he took on the Eiffel Tower.

When Dhokla comes back, he has become a celebrity by the name of Doctor D, and he ignores Samosa and the others due to them having blocked him. While walking through town, Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada notice a crowd of people running past them, and Samosa asks Cham Cham, who is among the crowd, what's going on. Cham Cham responds by saying they're going to see Doctor D's live performance; after he says this, Vada notices a sign for said performance, and we're treated to a rap video Dhokla has uploaded online under his Doctor D alias. Samosa and friends decide to go find him at the performance.


At the live concert, fans are taking selfies with Doctor D as Cham Cham makes fun of Samosa and friends since they don't have front seats to a performance by their own friend. Meanwhile, Mayor Royal Falooda tries to get into the concert, only to find the house is full. In an attempt to clear out the crowd, he uploads a video of himself saying he is Doctor M and he's wearing a seatbelt. The Doctor D fans think he is very cool almost immediately and run off to go find him, leaving only Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada near Dhokla's stage. They show there is no hard feelings by singing him a song where they spell out "dost" (the Hindi word for "friends"; the English dub changes the song so they spell "friends" instead) using the letters from different words they use to describe their friendship with him. Then, they exchange apologies for what they've done.


The next day, Samosa and friends drop their phones into the lake, to keep their social media from getting the best of them. This doesn't last long; they almost immediately grab their phones back and make sure they're okay, and they're happy to find a Doctor M rap video on their phones. The episode ends with a clip of Doctor M singing this rap song.

"Doctor D" contains the following tropes:

  • Alliterative Name: Dhokla's celebrity alias is called Doctor D, which repeats the letter "D".
  • Alliterative Title: For that matter, the episode's title is also alliterative by default since it's named after Doctor D.
  • Bland-Name Product: Specifically, a video website called "GheeTube". Sound familiar?
  • Character Title: The episode is named after Dhokla's celebrity name, Doctor D.
  • Eiffel Tower Effect: The country Dhokla visits is never mentioned by name, but at one point he is seen on top of the Eiffel Tower, giving the exact country as France.
  • Fictional Social Network: The rap songs made by Doctor D and Doctor M are uploaded to "GheeTube", a Bland-Name Product version of YouTube.
  • Friendship Song: Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada sing a short one to Dhokla that doubles as a Spelling Song.
    Samosa: F for forever, R for relations!
    Jalebi: I for immortal, E for enjoyment!
    Vada: N for neverending, D for dear!
    Samosa: S is for special!
  • Gratuitous English: The "dost" Spelling Song uses words that are all in English to spell out the word in question ("Dhokla", "omelet", "special", and "tasty"). All of the other dubs except for the English dub retain these English lyrics; the English dub changes the song so they outright spell "friends" instead.
  • Lost in Translation: Or some variant of it. The Spelling Song Samosa and the others sing to Dhokla retains the "DOST" that appears on-screen in the English dub despite said dub changing the song to spell "friends" instead, thus creating an inconsistency since only the audio track is changed. The Tamil and Telugu dubs keep the song as it was in the Hindi version, thus averting the trope.
  • Silent Treatment: Upon his return to Chatpata Nagar as Doctor D, Dhokla stays completely silent towards his friends, not even so much as saying "hello" to them.
  • Spelling Song: Samosa, Jalebi, and Vada sing a song to Dhokla where they spell "dost" ("friends" in Hindi) using the first letters of the words "Dhokla", "omelet", "special", and "tasty". The English dub changes this so they spell "friends" using "forever", "relations", "immortal", "enjoyment", "neverending", "dear", and "special".
  • Tempting Fate: Samosa and friends ask Dhokla to just be himself before he enters the airport to leave for his visit. What happens after he comes back? He becomes an internet celebrity named Doctor D and ignores his friends, a far cry from what he's usually like.


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