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Recap / Ragnarok S1E5 "Atomic Number 48"

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As Fjor holds Vidar back, Magne takes the blame, then tries a new tack. Threats abound, and the greatest is the explosive find that Isolde left behind.


  • Blessed with Suck: Magne comments in his voice recording that being special is a nightmare.
  • Break Up Demand: Saxa demands Fjor to break up with Gry.
  • Dictionary Opening: The episode starts with a dictionary entry about "Seeress".
  • Healing Factor: The dog bite on Magne's arm has healed in a matter of minutes.
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  • Knife Fight: Between Fjor and Saxa, because he lied about Gry not having seen anything suspicious at the Jutul's house.
  • Parent with New Paramour: Turid has Erik invited over for dinner. Laurits notices that sparks are flying between them and comments that he doesn't quite know yet what to think if they became a thing.
  • Punch a Wall: Magne is frustrated with his powers and accidentally punches through his slanted wall and roof in anger.
  • Title Drop: Magne's teacher Solveig says that the atomic number of cadmium is 48.


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